Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Someone forgot how to sew!

Well, she forgot how to thread the sewing machine, making it super hard for her to sew!
What am I gonna do now?

I have had a sewing project on the dining room table for almost 3 months. It has been waiting there for Emily to finish. I have tried to withhold gas money. I have tried to bribe with gifts. I have gotten nowhere, and my kitchen windows are still bare.

She admitted that she had forgotten how to thread the machine. I thought back and remembered that I had videotaped her sewing last year. I thought it was the video where she was teaching me to thread the machine. Of course, as usual, I can never find what I need, when I need it...so the machine threading video was not to be found.  I did find a few cute videos of her showing off her skills...the skills she has no more!

I'm hoping this will give her some inspiration! 

Such a cutie with her southern accent and all!
And didn't she do a great job!
Now...on to the kitchen curtains...please!

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