Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best snow day ev-a!

The weather man said it was going to snow. The schools closed early without any sign of even one flake. We kept checking the weather. At four o'clock it was supposed to happen...and at 4:07, we saw the first flutter of what seemed to be maybe...snow!  We were thrilled. We had plenty of bread and milk and other essentials... and hot chocolate, of course. Our friends had chili cooking on the stove. We had dug all of the ski clothes and boots out of the closet. We were ready to play! After a couple of hours, the snow slowed and the air settled. A thin blanket covered the ground and the roads. It was enough to close the schools for another day, but not enough to satisfy the desires and meet the expectations we had held for this winter storm. Then we heard the news. Eleven more inches headed our way by 10 am the next morning. That is when it got really exciting and then, we played!

The snow lasted only a few days. The roads were dangerous so most people were stuck at home. For us, being stuck at home, was actually nice. It was the kind of snow we see about every 10 years. We had a blast playing and sledding with family, neighbors and friends! We took it all in. We knew it would be over soon!
Happy snow days!

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