Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fifth grade boys and nasty beans!

 Last week, I was honored to chaperon 4 fifth grade boys on a field trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. A wonderful place full of valuable artifacts and rich history. When I ask the boys to tell me their favorite part of the trip, their answers varied from "eating dinner at Golden Corral", "running in the hotel", "wrestling in the hotel", "breakfast at the hotel", and "jumping on the chairs in the lobby of the hotel."
Before you start to wonder what kind of chaperon would let her group do all sorts of unruly things in the hotel...let me distract you by telling you about the most wonderful game we discovered at the fabulous candy store in the heart of Williamsburg.
When I say most wonderful, I mean for fifth grade boys!
The game is called Bean Boozled. It is best explained by these boys!
Totally cracks me up.
We have not been able to find this game anywhere in regular stores. Emily found one in a fancy candy store in New York. You can also order them on Amazon. 
The only one I would play was blue! (berry blue or toothpaste)
I would've been okay with toothpaste, but the berry blue was yummy!

Can you believe they actually make jelly beans in flavors like canned dog food and baby wipes!
It really is hilarious!

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