Monday, May 5, 2014

Prom Love

Emily's senior prom was one for the record books....the most prom photos taken in one evening. This year was special because she was escorted by her boyfriend of 2 months, Alex, her very first boyfriend at that. We took photos at home, with friends and without, we took more photos at the farm up the road, and then even more with a large group of kids in uptown. I feel certain that there will not be as many photos taken at her wedding. Her boyfriend was a great sport. He had been warned.
Also...She is wearing the fifth (and final) dress that was purchased for this event. The first 2 dresses were bought on major clearance at Belk. By major, I mean 19.80, marked down from 275.00. Yes! They were gorgeous, but both would have to be altered.... a lot!  The next 2 dresses were ordered.  When they arrived, she loved them both and had almost decided which one to keep and which one to return, when she headed to NYC for a school field trip. And it was there that she found this dress. It was hanging in the window at Anthropology. She spotted it and knew that it was the one. She called me to ask if she could use the "for emergencies only" credit card to purchase the "dress of her dreams"....and she would return the others as soon as she got home. It was less expensive than what seemed to be her favorite, and who was I to crush her dreams, right?
The boutonniere was carefully chosen. Emily wanted something different, that would match the style of her dress. We found it on etsy at Bohemian Bouquets. We sent the stylist a photo of the dress and she created the perfect combination of succulents and flowers. Emily said Alex got tons of compliments on it all night.
That night, they had dinner at a fun restaurant in uptown with 22 of their fancy friends. They walked to the frozen yogurt store, and then headed to the prom where they danced until the dance floor was closed. They finished the evening at one of the kids home playing games and eating a late night, very early morning breakfast. The next day, Emily slept until 4 p.m.

The night was just as Emily had hoped it would be.
Don't they make the cutest couple?
Prom love. Sweet times!

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