Monday, January 13, 2014

What I hope to have seen in 2014.

Is it terrible that I had to look back through my archives to find my word for 2013? 
Is it terrible that I don't want to commit to anything this year...not a goal or a resolution or even a single word?

My new year usually starts with a more organized home....but only because I have to take down  my Christmas decorations and sweep the pine needles and dust the bookshelves. And of course, dresser drawers are cleaned out to make room for new jamies and undies and cozy socks.

My new year usually starts with healthy eating too...but only because I have had too much Christmas Chow and chocolate and I would actually prefer a Gala apple.  I also tend to ramp up the exercise, but only because its cold and dreary and activity keeps me from getting the winter blues.

My new year also usually starts with less spending and more savings, but only because I am tired of shopping and I am busy cleaning and organizing.

So, I won't resolve to be organized or healthy or frugal....not a formal resolution anyway.What I will say, however, is what I'd like to have seen in 2014, when 2015 arrives. Make sense? 

So then,  I hope to have seen...

More people around our dinner table for shared meals and conversations. 
I don't claim to be a great cook, but a big pan of Baked Ziti, a healthy salad and bread sticks shouldn't be too hard.

More reading with my kids....and game playing too. 
There is more than enough TV watching and video game playing. Even just a quick game of UNO or Backgammon would give us a few minutes to connect. 

More consistency in church attendance. 
It is hard when I work every fourth weekend, but to spend time in corporate worship is good for my soul. 
My boys will be entering middle and high school this year...and some of my best childhood memories are from my years in Youth group.

More daily physical activity, as in a lifestyle change. 
I have enjoyed running in the past. I may give that another go. Whatever it is, it needs to be happening for several reasons that I may or may not explain later.

More lunches with girl friends. I have a Citi Pass book. You know those books the kids sell that have hundreds of buy one, get one free meal coupons. It's time I try out some of those restaurants that no one has ever heard of. 

And more dates with my husband.We love to date, but sports activities and jobs and other obligations make it difficult to be consistent. It takes commitment to get away even just for coffee. I'm good with coffee.

I know that to accomplish these things, I need to be intentional. That could be a word I guess, if it was necessary to choose one, but it isn' never mind that.

And if I'm being honest, this year I'd love...

A new car.
A lower number on the bathroom scale.
A full gratitude journal.
A zero balance on my credit card.
A landscaped backyard.
A new camera lens.
A monthly gathering of friends and family to do some kind of service project.
A happy daughter, thriving at the college of her dreams.
And,  no matter what is or is not checked off of my list.....a heart that is genuine and content, but knowing that nothing attained here will truly satisfy....and the more that I look found in Christ alone. 

What about you? Do you go through this with yourself at the beginning of the year? Goals, resolutions, wishes? Do you go back through it at the end of the year? Successes, regrets? 

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  1. Oh I love this Jen...and I am hoping to see all of those things around here too...