Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For the moment, it is clean!

For some, it is the kitchen counter, for others, it is the top of  the washer in the mud room. Maybe for you it is the dining room table or the computer desk.  For me, it is here... 
We have a little desk area in our kitchen that seems to be the catch all for everything. Mail, book bags, purses, nerf guns and bullets, shopping bags, library books, clean socks, items that need to be returned...and the list goes on and on. At its worst, it is piled high and completely covered. You get it!
And when I finally make time to clean it up and deliver all of the items to their proper location, I feel as if the whole house is clean. It is powerful like that!
And a clean bulletin board is like the icing on the already great cake! Throwing away expired coupons, depositing checks and getting rid of old receipts...makes me feel so much lighter!  

Believe me, it will not last long. Maybe just through the night. It is a process, but right this moment, it is clean!

Do you have a place like this....doesn't everyone?


  1. Love the memo board, I have been looking all over for boards like that. Curious where did you buy it or did you make it?

  2. I do have this place in my kitchen. Why can't I ever keep it clear?

  3. Jen, oh gosh, I so know this feeling!! Even though your desk is your "catch all" area, it is so functional and I wish had a desk area in my kitchen. My catch all area is the corner of the counter...and the laundry room...ugh! Thanks for motivating me to get organized!!! hugs, cathy