Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Advent Tree!

We are excited to be celebrating the Advent season. 

We have been intentional about keeping Christ in Christmas this year. I made it a point to do most of my shopping weeks before Thanksgiving. The wrapping is finished and the ingredients for baking are stored in the pantry.

Since my children are older, I knew it may be difficult to round them up for a moment of devotion each and every day, but I knew I needed to try. I thought making an Advent tree might invite them to get involved and excited!

To make our tree, I gathered supplies. Things like chocolate candies, printed scripture verses, printed Christmas activities and little packages and ribbons. I am using the daily verses from Focus on the Family's website. I wrapped one package for each day of Advent. Inside the package, there are individually wrapped candies, a passage of scripture, and a daily activity. Each day, the kids will take turns lighting the advent candle, opening the package and reading the notes inside.

Yesterday, we celebrated Day 1 with miniature Twix bars, Isaiah 40:1-5, and Decorating the Christmas tree!
Here is a bit of a recap....
I am excited to see how this will play out!
I intentionally made the activities easy and doable. Most of them are quick. Some of them revolve around activities that were already planned in keeping with other traditions. The last thing I want to do is add more stress. I made it clear that we would love to do these activities as a family, but for the most part, whoever is available and able will participate and we will text the scriptures to those who may be working, or out of town.

I will post about more of our activities as the celebration continues! 
I would not want to give anything away just yet! 
Enjoy the season!

Today, I'm linking up here with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky for "Tuesdays Unwrapped." 

Although, our advent tree is by no means ordinary, it does offer a glimpse into our ordinary mess. You see, as of last night, we have unwrapped 2 advent ornaments...and both times my children complained about having to stop what they were doing to come downstairs for 15 minutes to share a special moment together. 
They want to know what the activity is before we open the package, how long it will take and if we will have to go anywhere. Once we get started, they take it seriously and seem to enjoy it. Last night, after our super fun and sneaky activity, they even said "that was so much fun...can we do that one again?" I'm looking forward to the day when they are excited to get started and I'm wondering if they will ask to celebrate Advent in this way again next year!   I know it is hard to change things up and add things that may become new traditions. I am hopeful that they will see a glimpse of my heart for them as we celebrate the real reason for the season... the coming of our King!

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  1. Great idea Jen! I love that tree and the fact that your presents are already wrapped...amazing!

  2. your Advent tree is darling.
    thank you for unwrapping your Tuesday. =)

  3. This is the cutest little tree! I know your kids will love these memories when they're older even if they don't totally appreciate it in the moment. What a fun idea! :)

  4. Great ideas and although you had me long before Twix, a great candy bar never hurts!

  5. So sweet! I love this idea. We do an Advent calendar and I love collecting ideas for new ways to use it.

  6. Such a sweet idea - and I love how you persevere even if the kids don't get excited about it initially, or have to be pulled away from what they are doing. What a fun tree - I love it! (Visiting from Tuesdays Unwrapped linkup)