Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 5 and a big bag of bras!

I have a little more clothing packed for Allume than I'll be able to wear. I've given myself room for options. A girl needs options. I've also packed an additional 52 bras. And most of them aren't even my size.  

Last year, when my daughter starting researching topics for her Senior exit project, one that peaked her interest was "human trafficking". She did more research and eventually turned in a lengthy paper detailing the epidemic that is more prevalent now than most people would believe.  She knew that this year, she would have to do a service project and presentation to accompany the paper for a final Senior exit grade. 

Late this summer, when the impact opportunities were posted on the Allume website, I was excited to find the organization, Free the Girls. They are committed to helping to rehabilitate women who have been victims of human trafficking in certain high risk regions of the world. They help them, not only by rescuing them, but also by providing them with an alternative to sex slavery by helping them learn to be able to provide financially for their families by working in the marketplace. They accept bra donations from women in the US, then ship them to the girls. They are able to sell them for a nice profit....and their impact is growing. 

I sent the information to Emily with links to several CNN documentaries about the organization. She was excited to find a service project that was not only doable...but one that would have meaning for those who chose to donate and get involved.  So...as a part of her service project, Emily has held several bra drives. And she has one more to go. I'll be bringing the 52 that she has collected so far to give to Free the Girls during the impact meet ups. 

I love that Allume has provided the attendees the opportunity get involved with organizations like this.  I am looking forward to finding out about other ways I can get involved to impact lives, even on a small scale. Asking my friends to clean out their underwear drawer was easy...such a small task, but the impact is huge.

And getting all of those bras out of my suitcase will free up some room for the fabulous swag and goodies I'll be bringing home. Oh yeah! 

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