Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 6 and should I reconsider?

Leaving home means leaving these guys.  No matter how much rest or fellowship or time away I need, it always gets to me at the last minute. You know the feeling, right? You've been excited for weeks, then all of a sudden, for a moment, you pause to reconsider.

I'm heading to Allume.  I'll only be gone a total of 72 hours. In that time, I'll miss making dinners, packing lunches, carpooling and homework helping. I'll miss chilling on the sofa while the boys play video games or watch Thursday night football. I'll miss chatting with David in the kitchen when he gets home at the end of his work day and catching up with Emily in between her comings and goings. I'll miss my niece and nephew, who are coming for a sleepover on Friday night, and I'll miss going to the most awesome hot dog diner on Saturday for lunch. You know the stuff....daily, ordinary, comfortable stuff.

He'll make frozen pizza for least once...but he will add a yummy salad. He'll catch up on the laundry and he will rake and blow leaves and water the newly planted grass. He will let the kids stay up late...and he will get up early to enjoy the quiet while they sleep late the next morning.  He will get the kids a treat from Dunkin Donuts when he gets his morning coffee. He'll take good care of the dog and tolerate the cat. He will do a great job of holding down the fort or keeping the boat afloat.... Whichever may be necessary. He'll check in with me often and he'll add little hearts and roses to the texts. I will really miss him.

She will not notice that I'm gone because she will be working or babysitting or staying up late studying while watching the latest episode of "Revenge" on her iPhone. She will suspect that I'm at work. If she needs me she'll text me and then realize I'm out of town because I won't be able to toss her work uniform in the washer or pick up a pack of note cards at the drugstore. She is busy. Life is demanding for a senior in high school. She works hard for her spending money and she works hard spending it she'll probably go out with her friends and do a little shopping. I'll miss her too.

He will go out to breakfast with David Friday morning and eat an entire Cinnamon bun.  He will be excited about his cousins coming to spend the night. He will insist on having ice cream stocked in the freezer. He'll work on his  fantasy football team and play football on Madden. He'll play outside and organize a cul-de-sac game of cops and robbers. There will be chaos...and he will love it. I'm gonna miss this guy!
He will try to play on his iPod all day. It will be hidden and he will go outside to play.  He will eat too many snacks. He will also be excited to play with his cousins, then he will say one of them is hungry so he can get another snack.  He will get chili and slaw on his hot dog at the diner. He will want to call me before bed. He will want to know if I bought him anything. He will be the most excited to see me come home! I'm gonna miss him too!

It wouldn't be right if I didn't miss home! Everyone will be just fine...including me. I won't reconsider. I have so much to learn and discover, people to meet, new friends to make. And when I come home, Ill have all of these cuties to greet me for a few minutes before they continue on with their Sunday fun...and by that time, Ill have finally learned how to use my fancy camera!

Day 6...tomorrow, I go.
Oh  my!

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  1. That was too sweet how you broke it down for each family member... I am sure they will all miss you-- but they'll all be there when you get back, so try not to worry about anyone and just enjoy your time away!