Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grown-up Scardey Cat!

One of the best things about living in the Carolinas is the fact that in a few hours time we can be sitting on the sand with our toes in the Atlantic or hanging over the side of a mountain enjoying the spectacular view.
On this particular day, we were hiking and hanging over and enjoying the view from the top of Crowders Mountain. The trail begins in Kings Mountain, NC about 45 minutes outside of Charlotte. The trail takes about a half an hour to hike and the last 378 steps are up a man made staircase.  There are also a few places along the way that registered climbers can climb up the side of a cliff or repel down from the top. The uphill trek and never ending staircase was enough for me.
That day, I realized that even though I love this type of adventure, I am much more comfortable when my children are very close by or preferably not there at all. Seeing them run up ahead and look over the edge and climb up a little higher turns me into a nervous Nellie. I am not a scardey cat. I am protective and seeing my dearest loved ones no more than 6 inches from falling hundreds of feet to the ground can surely turn my tummy inside out. My children see my nerves and assume I am scared of heights or wimpy or non-adventurous.
At one point, we followed a climber and his dog. I kept thinking about the poor dog falling and how devastating that would be. The man assured me that the dog was much safer and more aware of the surroundings than any of the rest of us. I'm sure he was right. Even still, my day hike would have been much more relaxing without the kids and that dog to worry about.
The hike down involved a lot of trotting and running. The older folks, like me, were complaining about our knees. At one point we trotted back and forth across the mountain, like snow skiers do when they want to slow down. The kids beat us down the mountain just as they had beaten us on the way up. We found them at the bath house, playing with a pay phone. I'm not sure that they had ever seen a real, working pay phone.
A few minutes later, while we were enjoying some cantaloupe and cheese crackers, a police officer arrived and walked over to our picnic table. Someone had dialed 911 from that interesting pay phone and hung up when the operator answered. No one confessed, but all of the children got a lesson in 911 emergencies and the importance of only calling when there is a real emergency. The officer had been stationed in the park all day and did not call the ladder trucks and medics, thankfully. When the operator had called back, someone else answered and told them that there were some children playing with the pay phone. I'm certain that Zac thought someone was going to jail. If it was him, he will not ever do it again.

A mountain adventure with a reminder for me. While youngsters have little fear, growing older makes me weak in the knees and it turns my tummy inside out. 
It is just me?

Linking up here with Ms Jenny for another edition of alphabe-Thursday! G is for Grown-up scardey cat..and gulp..and geeez...and get-back from the edge of that cliff pleeease!


  1. I would certainly prefer to keep my feet on the ground. :-)

  2. What a gorgeous view. I'd be exactly like you...a nervous Nelly! I'd worry about the kids and the dog too. Nice to know that 911 works. :)

  3. I think all parents experience that tummy turning from time to time! Funny about the pay phone -- well not the 911 part but I bet that was a lesson learned!
    Fabulous photos!

  4. I hate heights, but would still go and love it! Looks like a great family time had!

  5. What beautiful scenery! We just returned from a trip to the Yellowstone area, and did our share of climbing! I, too, don't like to get too close to the edge, ...or to see any of my family getting too close.

  6. I just got back from Yellowstone like Esther Joy! It is a little creepy to see your grandchildren hanging over the side of a cliff!

  7. I'd probably have the same worry except for myself, but I think if you're with other people, it's not so bad.

    hope you have great day.

  8. what a view! I remember getting the same lesson in 911 payphoning when I was a kid. I can still remember the day... I was 5.

  9. I totally get this! We live on the lake, and I LOVE IT! My kids have gotten very adventurous...and I have gotten more worrisome! When they tube, I have to cover my eyes because I see stitches, concussions, etc in the future! I am convinced a boat will run over them when they fall wakeboarding. Oh my! I think it's part of being a mommy!

    Beautiful pics!

  10. Oh Jen!

    What grand fun!

    And what great (and terrible) imaginations us mothers share.

    I can always envision the worst, too.

    I'm glad you work on pushing those thoughts back!

    And I'm glad you linked this great post to the letter "G".