Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zac and Max!

Best Buds! 

Fourth grade friendships. You remember them, right. The friends you thought you'd always have. The ones you shared your secrets with, played with almost every day, arranged sleep overs and get-togethers and asked your mom to call her mom to see if she could come. 

Zac just finished the fourth grade and he has one of those special friends. His name is Max. They are best friends. Zac is blessed because Max is not only his classmate at school, but he also lives in our neighborhood and rides in our carpool. They are on the swim team together and spend most afternoons playing together. They get along great. They are super funny and silly and really loud when they are together. Sometimes they make me crazy. 

Earlier this year, Zac and Max had a big test to study for in Science. Max came over so the boys could share notes and go over the material. As I was calling out their study guides, things kept getting crazier. I was sure their teacher would appreciate the comedy of the experience, so I video taped their answers and sent her an email.   

The teacher replied with,  "Hilarious, but I sure hope they know more than what they discussed in this study session."  And if you're wondering what they are looking at, it is their own reflection in the mirror, of course.

More recently, the boys accepted the challenge of taking a hockey lesson together. Neither of them knew anything about hockey,  and ice skating is not a huge southern sport. They played hard, fell down a lot, and slept really good later that night.

Friends matter. Especially when you are little and impressionable. The parents and siblings of those friends matter too. We are blessed to know Max's family well. We help each other out on days that we need to. We trust that our children will be safe, both physically and emotionally while in each others care.  
I remember when my oldest was Zac's age. I was that parent that called the friends parents to ask if they had guns, and what movies they allowed their children to watch, what video games their older children might be playing that my child would be exposed to and so on. (I know, crazy mom!) 

{I'm not saying that it is a bad idea all together, but these days, I talk directly to my kids about movies and guns and other things that might be dangerous everywhere...not just in the homes of their friends that I may not know.}

Anyway, getting back....friendships are valuable at any age. They are important enough to cover in prayer. For your children to have safe and true friends, for your husband to have friends that aren't afraid to ask tough questions, and for you (and me) to have friends that know that being real is better than being right or cute or creative or perfect.

Zac and Max have taught me a lot about having fun, sharing life, saying sorry and what it means to grow a friendship. I am happy for this time for them....and the memories they are making of childhood friendships.

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  1. Wonderful post and our children teach us so much if we listen and you do ~ Great parent! Beautiful children and photos and video ~ very creative .

  2. We love good friends and I spend lots of prayer time on them!

    We also have lots of conversations about guns, movies and appropriate video games...we still remind the boys and still they roll their eyes at us:)

  3. how sweet. they even sort of look alike, their expressions anyway.

    hope you have a great day.

  4. How great that they have each other!

  5. I still have several of those fourth grade friends! I grew up with the same kids I know today and I am going to celebrate a birthday that equals the speed limit in some places! LOL!
    A sweet post and I loved it. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. My son was best man at a 4th grade friends wedding last year! :) They lasted ...:)

  7. It's wonderful that you see the value of friends in your son's life! What an uplifting post.

  8. Friendship is always the way to go I shared an Fearless here if you care to check it out.

  9. You had me at hockey! (Canadian here!)


    Wonderful friendship, looks like it is built to last!

  10. What a sweet post! My boys are still in touch with childhood friends, even in adulthood

  11. How wonderful to have great friends like that.

  12. Those fourth grade friendships are the best. I'm 70 and I still get together with my fourth grade best friend once a year. She lives in California and I live in New York. We still feel like a couple of 9 year olds when we get together. Thanks for the memories. The boys are a hoot.

  13. Oh boy! I remember those friendships...

    Those 2 look like they have a lot of fun fooling around!

    Fourth Grade friendships and forever friendships are both so important in life...

    They are memories that will never be forgotten!

    Fantastic post for the letter "F".

    Thanks for linking.