Friday, June 21, 2013


Happy first real day of Summer 2013!
Looking back over the last couple of weeks! 
Stealing some Instagram pics from my kids accounts too!

Here we go....
 {Favorite summer treats!}
 {22 years ago!}
{This year...22 years later!}
{Hiking and climbing to the top!}
{The view from here!}

And now a few I stole from Emily...
{The last day of something...tests, AP, School??}
{Thrift store shopping and fun finds!}
{Friends that act silly!}

And Jonathan had these pics to "share"...
{Another super view from the top of the mountain!}
{From Bobcats back to Hornets! Oh Yes!}
{A mud bath!}

And Zac "contributed" these pics...
{Hanging around the backyard in the ENO}
{First place Breast Stroke...every single meet!}
{Buddies at the Chick fil A Grand Opening!}

You can find me at JENSINKPEN if you'd like to follow along!
How do I find you?

Happy Friday! 
Enjoy the SUMMER weekend!
It's officially here!
life rearranged


  1. What fun pictures! I love the 22 years ago picture from your wedding day, you look so happy and excited!!

  2. You and your husband are such a beautiful couple!
    LOVE the mud bath picture.
    I will need to check out that Italian Ice at our grocery store.

  3. I agree with Nicolle, y'all make a a gorgeous pair!
    ...and beautiful kiddos too!