Friday, June 28, 2013

Strawberry moons, protein beans, and believing in someone!

One of my favorite blogs (and one of the very first I ever read) is Chatting at the Sky, written by Emily Freeman. You know the kind of blog that when you have some extra time, you go through the labels and archives to years back just to gain more insight and inspiration.
This past spring, when I was looking at her promo video for her last book, Grace for the Good Girl, I saw a familiar face. It turns out that her sister in law was my Young Life leader in High School. Fun stuff!

For the last several months, Emily has shared her new found knowledge in a post that she calls "Things I learned in (insert month here.)" Today, she is hosting a link up so that many of us can share our new found knowledge too. 

For the last few days, I've been thinking...What have I learned? What has surprised me?  What have I found to be earth shatteringly new?  I had to squeeze my brain, but I managed to come up with a few.

1. Every full moon has its own name. 
In June, it is called the Strawberry Moon. In July, it is the Thunder Moon!
Sarah posted the complete list on her blog, Clover Lane, another one of my favorites.

2. A half a cup of dry roasted edamame beans has as much protein as an average size chicken breast.
This works out really great when you want to add a heap of protein to a salad and you don't have any leftover chicken. I also like a little crunch in my salad~ as in croutons, sunflower seeds, etc... They are not expensive to buy and are found in the grocery store near the sunflower seeds and dried fruits.

3.  Vicks Vapor Rub works really great to take the sting out of sunburn
        My brand new sister in law, who lives on the beach in Florida, revealed this fabulous secret to my neighbor. I'm happy that I overheard.

4.  Coconut Oil  contains an ingredient that is found in breast milk and has anti-aging benefits when applied to the skin.
         It has come on strong as one of the most useful things ever. It also lowers cholesterol, assists in weight loss and helps in the absorption of vitamin D. For other benefits and a list of 101 uses, look here!

5. Fixing a teenagers iphone when the sound isn't working gives you a leg up the next time they want to pretend that they know so much more than you do about technology.
     Google and the many people who shared their fixes from similar problems before are who I have to thank for making me look like a technological genius.

6.  Believing in someone and making a really big deal about their accomplishments can spur them on to greatness.
      This comes in handy when you have a little one who wants to quit swimming every summer, but by the end, realizes he is valuable to his relay team~ and a really fast swimmer.

A little video for illustration purposes!

Wow! Six whole things! I was hoping for three!
What have you learned, found, fixed, or been surprised about?

I'm linking up here.
If you've come here from there, please let me know, so I can come back and visit you too. 
Happy Weekend!


  1. I have never seen the tip about Vicks. I am MUCH more likely to have some of that on hand than the aloe vera gel that we would lather on when we kids. I am also intrigued by the tidbit about edamame; I will definitely be trying that approach on my next dinner salad attempt. Thanks for sharing the tips - I found you via today's linkup.

  2. That kid has a mean breaststroke. Don't you love the discipline that swim team teaches?

  3. I did not know about Vicks and sunburn. Even better if you have a cold at the same time and can kill two birds with one stone. Both of my kids will be starting swim lessons next month. It's fun to see how other kids have stuck with it.

  4. I didn't know about Vicks on sunburn either! I'm thinking that could come in handy at some point! By the way, I feel kinda like a creeper saying this, but I live in Charlotte and I think it's all kinds of fun to stumble across other bloggers who live in the area, too (from Emily's link-up...)! :)

  5. I LOVE edamame, and coconut oil.
    When nothing else worked, coconut oil took Boyd's eczema away.
    We love Vick's on the bottom of our feet, then socks, to help keep coughs at like a miracle. I will have to try it for a sunburn.
    Deodorant rubbed on a mosquito bite takes the sting/itch away, immediately.
    What else have I learned? Mostly from my 84 year old grandma...that I will continue to learn new things, my entire life. I love that.

  6. Loved your list. Thanks for that Vick's tip... I love in Florida!
    Stopping by from Emily's. :)

  7. I've been going through all of these blog posts of things learned in June, and let me tell you, I'm learning something new from each one of you!! Thank you for the coconut oil information and about the Vicks rub for sunburns.

  8. Thank you for the fun tips! You're right about the swimming. My daughter was the same way. She still would rather sit beside the pool than get in it! Stopping by from Chatting at the Sky. I agree -- it's a beautiful blog!

  9. Would you mind sharing your recipe for Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken? Sounds delish!

    1. Hi. Sure. I have been meaning to post it. It was yummy and really easy. I'll post it soon. Thanks. Hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend!