Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On turning fourteen and one big adventure!

Jonathan turned fourteen in May. 

For the last few years, it has become a tradition for he and David to make a day of adventure of some kind. This year, they planned to go on an all day bike ride. I say all day because that is how long it takes to ride your bike from a house in the suburbs to Panther Stadium. Yep! Some 30 miles round trip to the center of uptown and back. 

I was nervous. We bought a new bike helmet. I monitored the route to check for sidewalks and intersections that might be dangerous. I had worked the night before, so I was supposed to be sleeping all day. I made them text me every hour so that when I woke up worried, I could check in. They were sweet to send me photos and texts throughout the trip. 

They left at 8:00 am and made it back by 3:00 pm. They both walked a little funny for a few hours. They were so proud of their accomplishment.   Jonathan said,  "That was the hardest, but most fun thing I've ever done!"

To do something that some would say couldn't be done always feels great!
When Jonathan told his sister what he did, she said, "Why?" 
He knew why. He wanted an adventure. Not just a day of mountain biking at the local park or a day to spend at Carowinds, but a real adventure that takes courage and stamina and a sense of pride in accomplishing a hard goal.

I am proud of both of them. I know this is a memory that will last a lifetime. 
Fourteen is a year for grown up boys to share together. Jonathan is growing up well. 
We are blessed.

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  1. Wow! What a great experience for Jonathon! Drew would love to see Panther Stadium! Go Panthers!

  2. What a special day for both of them to share together! I love what Jonathon said- the hardest and most fun thing he's ever done. A day they will always remember!
    Happy Birthday Jonathon!

  3. WOW!! through the city with all those cars??....I would have been a bit freaked too!:) but way to go and like kerri, I love his comment too.
    riley turns 11 on Friday...14 seems so far away, but yet not really!
    happy birthday Jonathon!

  4. How sweet that sent you messages and photos! Great guys you have! This is an adventure they will both remember for sure!

  5. What a great experience and adventure!

  6. What a wonderful father/son experience. I know he will never forget it!

  7. I would have made my boys text me every hour, too! Glad they had the adventure they were hoping for. =>

  8. What a great, bonding way to spend a birthday!


  9. Wowsers! A thirty mile bike trip to Panther Stadium is quite an adventure. What a super way to spend a birthday and a total sense of accomplishment for your son.

  10. What a clever way to celebrate.

    Congratulations are certainly in order, please pass them along to your courageous son!

    Cool post for the letter "C".

    Thanks for linking.