Monday, June 10, 2013

Believe me when I say....

1.)  I love to plant flowers and I love to see them grow and bloom, but I forget to water them. Then they dry up and die. It is true. Ask my Mom. This year, I have made a verbal agreement with my flowers. I have done good so far. The rain has helped too.

2.)  When you have a little child, and you hear someone say, "You will have her for the next 18 years and then...", go ahead and correct them. You will not have them for 18 years. It is more like 14. Then they become so very busy with friends and school and sports, then jobs and more friends and more demanding sports. Don't plan for 18. By 18, you will notice how already grown up they are, how independent and self sufficient they are. How little they actually need you, and how glad you are that you were unaware that this was going to happen much too fast for you to handle.

3.)  Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken could be one of the best things I never found on Pinterest. A co-worker and friend of mine found some fabulous make ahead freezer crock pot meals and shared the recipes with me.  I am happy to say that tomorrow while I am sleeping, the smell of my families dinner will be drifting throughout the house. I may dream about Hula skirts and pineapple drinks with little umbrellas. If it is as good as she says it is, Ill share the goodness with you.

4.)  I have not been to the dentist all year. I have dental insurance and it does not cost a dime. I would rather go to get a mammagram (which I never miss) or have my moles checked than sit down in that dental chair. It is cold and those gloves taste nasty and I cannot stand the scraping. My husband loves the dentist and fortunately for the kids, he makes it a point to get them there. Honestly, he has to make my appointment too...and then he has to reschedule it for me when I call that day and cancel.

5.)  Our closet is a mess. The biggest mess it has ever been. I stand on things to get to other things. I can't reach my clothes and shoes. It has become the holding tank for all things Goodwill or Salvation Army.  I am going to get to it soon. I really need to speed it up because soon I will have to start hiding Christmas presents and there just is no more room.

6.) Three of my best friends are making their own sunscreen this summer. They are going in together to buy coconut oil, shea butter and zinc oxide in large quantities on the internet. I'm not sure if they are doing it to save money or to ward off cancer or both. I am eager to see how it all turns out. Apparently, you can make your own body lotion and deodorant too.

Six things. Enough for now!
Happy Monday!


  1. The sunscreen I would try, but deoderant I'll leave to the experts!

  2. haha!
    laughing at jen!:)

    the chicken sounds amazing and please don't tell me it's only 14!! that is way too close for us:)

    i'm terrible with plants too but I must say this has been my best year so far too.

    and the dentist....super UGH!!

    have a happy day jen

  3. Well, how did the Hawaiian chicken dinner turn out?!
    I've been tackling my closet one load at a's embarrassing. Glad to know I'm not alone.
    My flowers are usually dead by 4th of July...I too am trying to do better this summer...we shall see.
    I hate the dentist too. It's much better if I can wear headphone w/ music...I hate the sound of scraping teeth! ugh!

  4. I would be interested to hear more about the sunscreen, when you know more, because my husband is so against the sunscreen in the stores, with all of the harmful chemicals. I'd rather use it on me and Boyd than to burn, but I know there's got to be a better alternative. I'm terrible with plants, especially in this Texas heat. I usually love a pot or two of flowers, but this summer I'm not buying any. Yours do look pretty, and I'll be crossing my fingers that they make it. :)