Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A lesson from along the greenway.

One morning last week, I rode my bike on the Greenway. It was a cool, peaceful morning. The trail was not crowded with people to distract me and I had lots of time to ride and think. As I rode along, a bird house caught my attention. Then I noticed another...and another. Many people in the community, especially those who live along the greenway have spent time planting flowers and building bird feeders and houses, as well as designing natural artwork to beautify the trails. 

About the time I noticed the third or fourth bird house, and the little birds fluttering back and fourth near by, something else caught my attention. As I looked toward the bottom of the bird house on the pole, I spotted a contraption of some kind. It was a cylinder with a purpose. I knew right away. It's intention was to protect the birds and the babies from its enemy. The garden snake would be sure to slither inside the little house and eat up the eggs that would become the baby birds, if given the chance.

Someone, whomever had built the birdhouse, had been intentional and thorough in providing for these birds. To build a bird house without the protection from their natural enemy would be dangerous and defeat the purpose of the little house. In adding this protection, the birds were able to live their birdie lives and have their birdie babies, while being protected from an enemy, without even knowing it.

What I realized {the lesson in this} in that moment, was that in my life and in my daily comings and goings and raising my little ones, there is an enemy. I cannot deny that there is someone that desires to kill and destroy my family. The bible says clearly in John 10:10, " the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy."  I cannot pretend that I am safe, or my children are safe, simply because we are happy and full of life and living in America. The Lord has given us protection in the power of His word and the power of our prayers. In Hebrews 4, we read that "...the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double edged sword."

When we live unaware, we fall victim, without meaning to or even knowing it. We must recognize the enemy (without focusing on him), set up our covering, and then live the life of freedom that we are called to live, protected and focused on the one who is our loving provider.

As a side note, on that same day, I rode by honeysuckle and jasmine, thinking about how lovely the fragrances were. In the next breath I smelled doggie poop and realized....some days you get the sweet and some days you get the stinky. Life is a journey. Ride on up a little farther and you'll smell the honeysuckle again.

Treasures in lessons. 
Writing them down.

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  1. So glad the birds are being protected.

  2. Lovely post ~ very contemplative and insightful ~ Great photos ~ Happy Day to you ^_^

  3. a beautiful post :)
    This is what struck me most: "When we live unaware, we fall victim, without meaning to or even knowing it." We go through the motions of our days without thinking or preparing for the battles we are facing. Thank you for the reminder to be aware.

  4. Sounds like you were riding through the garden of Eden with Satan protectors. If only it were so easy to protect our families.

  5. I love discovering nesting boxes in unexpected locations.

  6. Your blog was very interesting, I stopped to read it through. I am glad I live in a community in Australia where we have Black and white, Muslims, Christians and atheists, all living in the ne location and few of us lock our doors. We all greet each other and stop to say hello. Then after a walk i return home and walk in to my unlocked home where all my valuables are on full show though the open window.

    The area is also filled with birdlife of varies types all living together around the banks and on the islands of a lake. I wish the world could live like this and I hope those who cannot live peacefully never come to our quiet corner of the world.

  7. How wonderful that people build those birdhouses and especially the person that thought of everything and even added the protection in! :)

  8. How nice to have spot to ride like that!

  9. I loved your message here. :) Beautiful.

  10. What a lovely post!

    So excellently introspective!

    I'm glad you got the sweet scents along with the icky!

    Beautiful message!

    Thank you for linking.