Friday, May 31, 2013

9, 8, 7, 6, Five more days!

My kids are counting downs the days. 14.13. weekend doesn't count.   
And now 5 more days. 

End of grade tests are over. AP exams have been taken.  Field day and yearbook signings and end of year picnics are coming soon. There is an SAT looming in the near future for one rising high school senior....but then it will be over. Summer will finally be upon us! We are all ready!

Ready for sleeping in. Swim team competitions. Watermelon. Farmers market produce. Yard sales. Refilling our Roo cups. Parades. Fireworks. Lemonade stands. Beach trips. Playing in the rain. Camping in the backyard. Mountain house adventures. Hiking. Italian ice. Crafting parties. Riding with the top down. Flashlight tag....and so much more. 

But... In the middle of all of this, we still want for more....or at least, I do. I want my children to want more too. I want to find somewhere and someone (or some one's) to serve. 

Summers come and go...and then before you know it, they come and go again.

Francis Chan wrote, "How we live our days, is how we live our lives." 

I want to be about living the best days that we can, impacting more than just ourselves and knowing the truth of emptying ourselves to be truly filled to overflowing. I have some ideas, but I am just getting started in my research. I will keep you posted, but if any of you have ideas or ways that you have served with your families, please do share. I'd love to add them to my summer list!


  1. I love that picture. We're hoping that we have a lot of water balloons in our summer! You have encouraged me and inspired me by what you wrote here. And I love Francis Chan.

  2. Summer is such a magical time. I hope that you're able to make the most of it this year.