Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Early Bird or Night Owl...Random on a Tuesday.

Sometimes, I sit and read my blog. Old posts, old comments...like an outsider looking in. One thing I realized recently is that I enjoy the sprinkled in small doses of me. Random things that make no real impact, but somehow tell more about me than well thought out posts about hopes, dreams, fears, and the like. Things that otherwise might never come up, but may be meaningful to someone, even me,at another time.
The "random things" blog posts I wrote in my first year of blogging were some of my most commented on posts. I think we all like to connect in simple ways. We like to say "me too", "I do that too" or "I thought I was the only one". A random thing can bring two people together quickly, some common ground is all we are looking for at times. True, yes?

So for me...it's back to random things. This time in the form of questions and answers. 
Morning person or Night person?
This is tricky. I work night shift. 
When I am not influenced by shift work sleep habits, however, I am a "middle of the day" person. I like mornings, but not early mornings. My husband is the early bird of the family. I love evenings, but not late late nights. My daughter is the night owl.   By 11 am, I am feeling right. I have had my coffee. I have usually showered and dressed, read and journaled, and am on to the tasks of the day. I am sticking to this 'middle of the day' answer, but if I had to choose morning or night, I would wake up at 10:30 am and say morning!

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?
Now this one is easy. Chick Fila, no doubt! Nuggets and fries with Polynesian sauce. What's not to like except the fact that there is no dollar menu. 

Last person you went to lunch with?
My sweet friend, Beth. We have this great way of reading each others minds. One hour before lunch, I'll get a text that says "lunch today?" and it just seems to work out. We even have a regular place and a regular dish!

Least favorite chore? 
It used to be unloading the dishwasher, but then we lived through 6 months without a working dishwasher, and I learned to love it, and now I cheerfully unload the clean dishes.  This week I'll say it is matching up the many socks that make their way into the lonely sock bin in the laundry room. It is time consuming and mind boggling at the same time. I mean where does the other sock go...and how does it show up again like 3 laundry loads later?

Where would you like to retire?
I am going to be all sentimental and say somewhere close to my grown children and their little ones (when they grow up and have little ones, that is.)  For me, it is not about warm weather, or beaches or beautiful scenery. All of that stuff wouldn't satisfy me for long. It is my family that makes me want to live it on out....and getting to spend my time with them with a few side trips to the beaches and mountains mixed in, of course, would be perfect.

Favorite pizza toppings?
Italian sausage, green peppers, black olives, and onions. Thin crust. I mean cracker thin! I can eat more that way!

Soda drinker?
I have to say yes! Diet Pepsi is my first choice. I try not to buy it to have at home unless I am planning to make popcorn. Cola is a "must have" with popcorn.

Favorite TV show?
I do not watch TV. I used to watch TV and back then I loved "Will and Grace" and last year I watched "Once Upon a Time" with my family, but it became too complicated for me to understand.  "Revenge" really got my attention for a little while too. Maybe it would be my favorite, but maybe not anymore since I haven't seen it in months.

Favorite salad dressing?
Ranch, homemade from the little packet. On salad, as a veggie dip, so creamy and fattening. Oh my! Might as well skip the salad and eat a burger and dip the fries too. 

Any Tattoos?
Nope! I do not even like it when I get magic marker on my skin. I don't care if you have one (or five) though. My husband has two (that he says he wishes he could have removed.)  My daughter says she'll get one when she's old enough. I have a friend that has a tattoo where her wedding ring should go. I like that! But again...nope!

Last movie you saw in the theater?
Honestly, the last movie I saw in the theater may have been "Hunger Games." I'd rather spend my date nights sitting and talking rather than going to a movie. The last movie I watched at home on Netflix was "October Baby". It was outstanding. A wonderful story of forgiveness and the realization that what happens to us may shape us, but the way we respond to it is what makes us!

A rule that should not be broken?
These two go together. Seat belts and bike helmets. I am a stickler. I work in a hospital. It's just not worth the risk.

What did you have for dinner?
Grilled chicken with peppers and onions and sweet potato fries. 

How do you drink your coffee?
Often and everyday, with sugar and french vanilla creamer... Unless it is after Christmas. Then it is Peppermint Mocha creamer.  Now you can get it all year long, but it just doesn't seem appropriate.
I have thought about giving up coffee, as it is an addiction, a ritual.  I am enslaved to it and I am not wanting to be enslaved to anything. I am waiting on confirmation before I do anything drastic.

Favorite store to wander around in when you need to waste an hour or two?
I think of the days when I dropped a child off at dance, soccer or volleyball practice. There is a shopping center nearby that has a World Market, Home Goods and Target, all within a minutes drives. Throw in the Garden Center of Home Depot and there you have a time wasting shoppers heaven!

Random is fun! 
Any "Me too's!" or "No ways!" 
Enjoy your day!


  1. So very insightful! I completely agree with your opening and I mind myself as well doing that all the time, as I believe probably most of us do too!

  2. I AGREE!! I have been in a weird blog funk lately. I miss those simple fill-in-the-blank style posts, too, and think some of my Miscellany Monday posts were the most informative about what was going on at the time.
    As a side note - I have been thinking about the wedding ring tattoo. I don't have any, have no desire to have any, NO desire. But, lately, I have been thinking about a white tattooed wedding ring. I never wear my rings anymore, and neither does my hubs, and I guess that is why I have been thinking about it recently. Not sure I could ever really go through with it though. So permanent!!

  3. I am going to give you a homemade ranch recipe like no other, and it will knock your socks off.
    1 1/2 cups of buttermilk, shake well first.
    16 oz mayo
    1/2 tsp of each of the following: salt, pepper, season salt, Accent MSG, onion powder, garlic powder, celery seed.
    whisk together and put in fridge, covered.
    you will love it.

    I don't think I'll ever give up my coffee either.
    That is so fun that you have a friend that you can text last minute for lunch.
    loved your list!

    1. Yay. Thanks for the recipe! Can not wait to try it!