Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy is as busy does!

Just the other day, I got the sweetest comment from a blogger friend of mine.
Many of you know Angie. She has the most wonderful and inspiring blog, The Heart of Aloha!

{I know you're busy with the family (happy belated birthday to Zac!), but just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you! I hope you're having a great week, friend!}

I really appreciated her comment so much, because I have known her since the beginning of my blog. The fact that she was checking in with me,  means that she noticed my absence here and really was interested in me. That is the type of community we all want to feel a part of as bloggers....writing things that strangers read...and reading what those strangers write. This kind of thing makes it so much more personal. You know? I know you do!

The thing is...she was right. I am super busy with my family, and work, and house chores, and me time and life in general. Actually, I am too a super bad way!
This summer was amazing! We had some great adventures and lots of time together. But, we also had some amazing trials....tough days...the kind of thing that causes you to stop and catch your breath and say "Whoooaa ~ We must be more intentional in the days that we are given." Every day matters! That little blinking sign that has been over there on my side bar since the day I started is still true. So true!

My children used to complain about the amount of time I spent on the computer. They used to make fun of me for taking pictures of the silliest things. They would say in a teasing sort of way... "Mom, you're going to blog about that, aren't you?"
Now..they ask, "Why haven't you written anything on your blog?"
And say, "Mom, you really need to write something soon. My friends are checking your blog and there is nothing new!"

I have noticed it happening to other blogger friends of mine too....lots of time between blog posts, not as many comments, and more time spent on Pinterest or Instagram.

Other than my crazy, busy life...I do have a few other excuses for being such a lazy blogger over the last few months. I can blame it on summer. Yes! I will do that! Summer is all about no schedule, no homework and no routine!  I can blame it on my brother in law. He moved in with us for a few months at the beginning of June! He has taken over the bonus room, which is where my desktop computer sits. Even though, he worked all day and I could have used the computer at any time....I can still blame him.
I can also blame my ipad. I love to read blogs on my ipad, and although I have gotten much better at commenting....I cannot write a blog post or add a photo. I do not know if it is even possible. 

The funny thing is, I know that in life, things come and go. People jump into things whole know, all types of things like golf or tennis, sewing or running, dieting or clipping coupons.....then one day, they just stop! They don't mean to stop forever, but they don't do it again!

I want to keep blogging. I want to keep commenting on your blog posts and reading about your families. I want to keep writing about the things that make life matter to me. I want my kids to know more about my heart for see themselves as a proud momma sees them....and on a website that they can look at over and over again if they want to from anywhere in the world.

I am very busy, but I plan to be more present here. I plan to write more from my heart, from a real place in me where I can share boldly....the pretty and the messy...and anything in between. And most of all, the things that matter!
And for those of you still reading, thanks....and I look forward to reading more from you too.

Happy Monday!


  1. It's all about balance, huh?!?!

    Still trying to get my blogging groove back, too!

  2. I see this happening more and more and I find myself fighting to keep going. But when I look back on all the things I've written the last four years, I am once again reminded how glad I am I do this crazy blogging thing.

    Stay balanced but stay in touch!

  3. It does seem like life is getting more and more hectic every day. I hope you keep blogging, I still love those what I wore posts, you inspire me!

  4. Oh Jen, such a sweet post and I feel just like you do at times. I want to and have been spending less time on the computer, because I want to be a good example for Boyd. Life does get so busy. It takes a lot of time to blog. I feel silly saying that b/c I have such a small blog, but it still takes time. I love the community of friends I have made online, and feel like some of my hardest days were made easier because of friends online, like you too! :) It is nice to get that encouraging word about something, or just know that we are all really alike in the matters of the heart, and with our families. I see a lot of people falling away from blogging b/c of Instagram. I'm trying to do more blogging though, because I love it as a diary to look back on. I'm glad you wrote this post. Very sweet!


  5. It sounds like we are at the same place with this. I do know the memories are worth keeping but at what cost. I just wish I wasn't such a perfectionist and not worry about having the perfect shots and words, for heavens sake I'm not Pioneer Woman but its hard to not get caught by my wanting it all to be just so. An all or nothing attitude is not working for me. Have a great September Jen!

  6. Hi Jen! I had wondered where you were as well. I don't comment much because it is so difficult to do so on the phone, but I follow and read.
    I have been at exactly the same place you are, as have several of my "bloggie friends", too - what is up with us?!?
    I started my blog as a scrapbook of sorts, and I treasure looking back and reading about things I would have TOTALLY forgotten if not for my blog! I don't want to stop now, or let so much time pass that I miss important things. I already have a catch-up list from summer. SIGH.
    Oh well, just rambling - glad to see you back! :)

  7. this is so true jen! finding the time to document the life we are "busy" living can be so hard some days. but the beauty of looking back on it is so worth it. glad you are back and looking forward to every word.
    have a happy night