Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Schnitzel...and pounding the pork chops!

I was born in Germany. My parents lived there for several years before I was born. My Mom learned how to cook all types of yummy German dishes. One of which was Veal Schnitzel. Of course, we would only have it on special occasions, but it was one of my absolute favorites.
My little family loves Schnitzel too, but ours is made with pork. It's just easier to find, and less expensive.
We have it often and for that reason it deserves a place right here on this everywhere scrapbook.

  7 or 8 thin sliced pork chops. (About $4 for the pack.)
A package of Italian bread crumbs.
1 or 2 eggs
Cooking oil

Pound each pork chop with a meat mallot until it is super flat.
Crack the eggs into a shallow bowl.
Fill another shallow bowl with bread crumbs.
Prepare a large skillet by filling the bottom of the pan with oil.
Heat the oil on medium high.
Dredge the pork chops through the egg, then the bread crumbs and place in the hot oil.
Turn after about 2 min.
It will only take a couple of minutes to fully cook the pork chops because they are so thin.
Place the cooked Schnitzel on a plated lined with paper towels to absorb the grease.
Repeat until all the pork chops have been cooked.

The most important part is pounding the pork chops.
So, just to be sure you understand, Zac has agreed to give a little demonstration.

"Sayonara! Whatever you're called!" 
Hilarious! Anyway...that's the way it's done!
Of course, all of the ingredients and supplies are on the other side of the stove.
And believe me...this meal does make a big mess.
It's totally worth it!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Zac is so cute. I loved the video. I don't think I've ever eaten Schnitzel, but I know I would love it! I might have to cook it soon, and I will for sure find it at a restaurant too.


  2. That video was hilarious! What a great job for a boy that age. I need to make this just so my boys can get out some energy!

  3. I wouldn't have hit the meat dead on as much as he did.....I usually tend to miss. Or hit my finger. I rarely cook without casualty. He is a cutie!

  4. we love Schnitzel!! anything pounded thin and breaded is awesome in my book.
    what a great way to get out the days frustrations!:)
    have a happy night jen