Monday, July 16, 2012

Practicing Gratitude!

Last year, I came across a blog by Ann Voskamp. On Mondays, she encouraged readers to link up to share their blessings. The goal was to get to 1000 gifts...and beyond. I jumped right in...I started naming little life gifts and even the smallest things that made me happy and thankful and mindful of all that I've been given.
I knew there was a book...I had seen it on the website. I knew that in time, I would probably read it.
Thanks to my summer book club... I am reading it now.
I am realizing the importance of being mindful every day of what I have been given. The little and the big...the needed and the wanted....the gifts that are everywhere!
I remember in the beginning, when I first started writing these hard it was to think of things. I realize now that it is because this being grateful thing has to be learned and it will get easier. I have to learn to be grateful and content. It is the practicing...that makes it easier.
So...I left off at number 90...and that is where I begin again on my list to 1000 gifts...and then some.

My church.
Friends who share their hearts in order to go deeper.
Bike trails.
Homemade sushi from a friend...with a note written in Japanese.
Noodles to float on in the swimming pool.
Cow Appreciation Day.
Zip lines and Mega Jumps.
Paintball for fathers and sons.
Cucumber slices.
An AP Exam grade arriving in the mail.
Texts from my husband.
Ruthie's discount.
A clean garage.
The Sandwich Lady.
Only one event...and a gold ribbon for Zac.
Fun Summer Wedges.
Sun Screen.
A day to sleep in.
A Dunkin Donuts date night.

Loving the journey.
Learn more here!


  1. I always think about Oprah and gratitude journals, and it's so true, when we are mindful of our blessings, we start to see the little things in life as big blessings, each day.

    I started this book but had a hard time with it, because I think I didn't have time to focus. She writes so beautifully. I need to read it again.

    I love your post!

    1. I agree it takes concentration to read. It is very poetic and I am not a great reader. I have to be I tentional when reading...but it so worth it...even if I have to read a page over again to really get it. I have heard it gets easier. I am on chapter 4. We will see!

  2. I bought this book this past spring and have yet to read it....I'm going to get on that! Great post Jen!

  3. I haven't read this book yet, but I probably should. I know that practicing gratitude can really make or break my days, which of course leads me to realize that it can make or break my life.

  4. Jen! I love this great post!

    Living with gratitude can really create glorious lives I believe.

    Thanks for this reminder!

    And thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "G".


  5. Hi Jen~ I was wondering if you remember the name of the site that teaches kids how to use the computer keys correctly? I was looking through your old posts and couldn't find it. Brady asked me the other day if I would teach him how to type better and I thought of the time you said Zac was enjoying that site. Thanks!

    1. Dance mat typing. It is really cute!

  6. Just coming by to say hi. Haven't seen you here lately. Miss ya and hope all is well!