Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Do you ROO?

 Summer is here! Officially it starts tomorrow...but we are fully into summer already over here!
One of the things we love about this summer is filling up our ROO cups with Watermelon Slushies!
Last summer, our local ..on the corner...easy to get in and out of...close enough to ride our bikes to....gas station ran a really fun promo. If you bought a special cup for $7, you could refill it all summer for free! Except, we didn't get one because they were all sold out in just a few days.
This summer, we knew they were coming. They sold out again...but then they got more! Yay!
So all of the kids have them. This year, the refills cost a quarter. No big deal. A quarter is pretty easy to come by, even for a kid with no money.
ROO cups and Slushies!
Two more reasons to love Summer!


  1. Oh I would definitely Roo if we had such a thing. We do love our slushies, icees and slurpees though. They're just the thing to hit the spot and cool you off during the hot days of summer.
    Enjoy your Roo.
    Funny and unimportant bit of info...I used to crave coca cola slurpees during every pregnancy. I kept 7-11 rolling in the money during every pregnancy and to this day, it is my kiddos favorite treat.

  2. What a deal! We would Roo if we had such a thing around here. The best part to me is that you get on your bikes and ride over! I can't even imagine being able to do that. We are a 20 minute drive to anything. The next time we move, we will be keeping location in mind! :)

  3. WE don't have that but I'd get one for sure if I could. Watermelon, mmmm yummy!

  4. That 25 cent offer would break a store in AZ. So many drinks all summer long. Today it's supposed to be 112. Sigh.

    I'm leaving on my big adventure across the country on Sunday. We're hitting the very west side of the Carolinas. Anywhere close to you?

  5. My kids would be slurping these down every day if they were up the street for only a quarter. OK so would I : (