Thursday, June 21, 2012

Everyone needs a pick-up truck!

For obvious reasons, like hauling pine needles and flea market finds...and helping out a friend when they move across town. 
But there are other reasons to need a pick-up too...

My husband's twin brother is back in town. We are super excited to have him staying here with us for a few weeks. These days he is driving a pick up truck. The kids have been playing in it, on it and around it as if it were a piece of playground equipment. I do not think a trampoline would have been any more impressive to them at all. 
This past weekend, the cousins came over to spend the night. I had gone out to run an errand and when I returned this is what I found.
The truck bed piled with blankets and pillows, stuffed animals and kids. They had their ipods and a computer set up to watch a movie. They claimed they were going to sleep out there all night!
We all knew, them included, that they would not make it out there all night. The darkness, the bugs, and the sounds of the great outdoors would get the best of them, but they did have good intentions and a great Saturday evening adventure. 
Everyone needs a pick-up truck, especially in the summer time!
Do you have one? You know what I'm saying then, right?
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Sooo fun! The boys would love that!

  2. cute! just seeing them asleep like that reminds me of summertime though I never did slept in a truck before.

    happy thursday!

  3. I couldn't agree more. However, we don't have one.
    There's just something about a truck that says play time to kids.

  4. My folks had a pickup with a camper when I was young. We would play in that thing for hours. I'm trying to remember, if we ever camped out in it and I just can't recall that we did this. Oh well, pickups are a lot of fun for kids! I like your 'E' post! Thanks for sharing with us

  5. No pickup here but I bet it was fun for the kids!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  7. We have a pick up but it has a canopy... so not quite as fun as this. Looks like it was fun while it lasted. Nothing better than cousins to hang out with.

  8. I have a small pickup and it's great for hauling things around... craft shows, lumber, etc. Don't use it too much anymore for those reasons. And we don't have kids, but it's a great idea! {:-Deb

  9. I always wanted one! My son-in-law bought one a few years ago, and I was very happy!!!

  10. You have to admit, owning a pick-up truck is pretty cool. I never really appreciated that until I built a second home in Chile where the roads are mostly all dirt and full of potholes...there a truck is essential.

  11. What precious pictures! And what sweet memories you are helping your kids to have! ...And yes, we do have a pickup truck!

  12. Reminds me of kids playing with the boxes instead of the toy. They had a great time with good intentions!~Ames

  13. Oh, what great fun for the kids! I'm sure they will remember that and talk about it when they get older.

  14. I must agree. I think a pick up truck is a required item for everyone. If I had one it would be an old aqua or red one from the 1950's, paint no longer shiny but still running like a top!

  15. I loved that photo - it reminded me of my childhood and great intentions to sleep outside. I was happy to think that children are still able to have such fun.

  16. Hello.
    The kids obviously enjoy it. These are such adorable photos. Wonderful memory-making. Think of how much fun they'll have when they look back at these photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  17. Wow, I love that kids nowadays would think to do this! It reminders me of when I was little.

  18. What an excellent post!

    This really made me smile!

    I totally need a pick-up truck...hopefully one complete with sweet little kids sleeping in the bed!

    Thanks for the smile.