Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 days into Summer!

Summer is under way! Our summer list in on the fridge!
We have already checked off "Win a ribbon" thanks to Zac.
...and "Play in the rain" thanks to a very wet swim meet.
Jonathan has been "bowling"...but that doesn't count.
Next we will check off "Order Pizza" and "Lego Competition!"

Emily has been busy with Volleyball practice and working at Chick-fila. She has calculated the weight watcher points for every item on the menu and it turns out the fries are a better choice than coleslaw...really! She has a new "old" car. She got to go to the Lady Antebellum concert and she leaves for Young Life Camp this Sunday! Then it's off to the National AAU tournament for Volleyball. The last tournament of the season! Whew! 

Jonathan has already had a few sleepovers with friends. He has been bowling and has spent a good bit of time at the pool. He is looking forward to the Florida part of the volleyball tournament. The sun, pools, mini golf and amusement parks. We are trying to get him into running to build up his endurance for middle school football....yikes!

Zac is the swimming machine. He is collecting ribbons and beating his best times! He has to be at the pool at 8:00 am every morning. He has a good attitude and we are super proud! He has also had a few sleepovers and is planning another for tomorrow night!

I am reading Harry Potter...never thought I would, but I actually really like it. I lost 2.2 pounds the first week I did Weight Watchers and I go tomorrow to weigh in again. I am eating lots and lots of veges...and I don't know if I could do it without my Diet Pepsi! 
David and I are doing our best to keep up with everyone's schedule. Where is Em? Is she working? Did Jonathan call us when he got to the pool? Where are Zac's goggles...hmmmm again, that is the question.
We enjoyed our date night and actually got another surprise lunch date on Saturday. We are making a list of all of the things that need to be done around the house....and we are trying to make things happen! We are also looking forward to the Florida part of the tournament. Of course, we love the volleyball part too. A vacation will be nice!

I hope your summer is off to a fabulous start!
Do you have a summer list? What are you looking forward to the most?


  1. I LOVE your Summer To Do Lists. I want to make one too.
    I would live at the pool too if I didn't have red hair and fair skin.
    What kind of car did Emily get?

    1. Hi! She got an older ford escape. Perfect for her!

  2. Oh Jen thanks so much for your words of encouragement! It is some tough stuff right now and I hope and pray we get through it. I think we are also battling some obsessive defiant behavior and boy I want to scream! Anyhoo love the idea of a summer list can't wait to get mine on the board!

    Oh congrats on WW it's an awesome program! I recently lost 60 lbs so keep going!


  3. Cannot wait for our summer to start. Yours sounds busier than ever. I'm hoping our lives slow down a bit once summer hits. We'll see. I too hope to have a summer of getting things done. I need to start getting more veggie eating done over here too. Back on my sugar free plan. Feels so much better to be eating healthy again.

  4. summer is in full swing over here and it is relaxing and wonderful!!:)
    love your list!!
    we are heading to FL too and can't wait!!
    have a happy day jen

  5. We have a Summer List, too. I think it is very inspiring for the kids. It also reminds us that there are more things to do besides being lazy in the house all day (although some lazy days are really nice to have). I just found your blog. I love it.

  6. Love your summer list. Chores are going good. I am totally enforcing them. Only forgetting the allowance part. But the arguing is getting less and less. Funny part is....all her friends suddenly have chores too. They are new for them too...hmmm...makes me wonder if their moms saw my post on Facebook!! I also can ask the kids for a little help with something not on their chore list and they are pretty compliant. I'm going to hand them their allowance money during Family Night tonight. I think they will be impressed that I remembered! (It helps that we had a garage sale and I have the money here!!) Have fun at the Volleyball Tournament. Good luck!!

    xoxo, April

  7. I just posted about my list, too! Now I see ideas we need to add from yours! ;)
    I am back on WW again, too - I weigh on Thursdays. Got my 10 pound award last week - woot! ;)

  8. I need to make a Summer list. Thank you inspiring me.