Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Someone is addicted, but it isn't me!

Not yet, anyway!
For now I am keeping my distance.
I have said many times. I am trying to avoid it...the time sucking, jealousy provoking creative world of Pinterest!
From what I've seen on Blogs alone, I can only imagine that Pinterest will only make me feel less creative, less organized, more out of shape, and less fortunate than the zillions of other pinners out there.
The only problem now....Emily is on Pinterest.
Last night, before she left for volleyball practice, she handed me her Nook and said, "Here Mom, pin some things for me while I'm gone!" She gave me a quick lesson...then she was off....and I was smitten.
Cute, fun , creative crafts; beautiful wedding ideas; mouth watering recipes and dream home ideas; quotes; hair and beauty ideas; her dream closet and a "Looove It" board.
I was so impressed with what she had pinned.
I am growing less critical and more open...
but for now,  I'll keep my distance and enjoy her boards....and some of yours!
Do you pin? How do I find you?
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Jenny Matlock


  1. Such great photos! We get the picture!!

  2. omg, jen, i am a pinterest junkie who is beyond the point of no return ... over 800 pins and still going strong!! you are absolutely right about the time it can take up if you're not careful (same as with blogging, facebook, etc), but OMG is it ever fun!! in fact, just yesterday i pinned this quote: "pintercepted: when you are just about to do something, but decide to check pinterest for a quick second ... which turns into an hour and a half" ... ha!!
    as far as "finding" your friends, you are automatically "followers" of facebook friends when you create your account (b/c you sign up via facebook and/or twitter), but you can find additional friends through a "people" search on the search bar too ... you should try to find me ... my screen name is just "Sloan" :)

  3. hmmmm ... i just discovered that there's another screen name "Sloan" on pinterest - my page uses the same cartoon avatar that you see here ... hope you can find it!

  4. I wasn't going to do it. But then, I did and yes I'm addicted. I think you can find my by Dazee Duke

  5. It is my crack. I love, love, love it. I only wish the phone app were as easy to maneuver around as the actual site... I could drop a few more hours at work, that way! ;)

  6. I pin. It's much more efficient than bookmarks! But you can get caught up in it and waste tons of time if you're not careful.

  7. I'm enjoying it. I pin a few a day. At first it was addicting, but it wears off. Although I'm a little worried about Middlest. She's still going strong, and on it all the time. To be fair she has actually tried a few of the crafts she's pinned.

  8. I love pinterest...and try to only get on once a day. I have never searched for anyone because I don't know how! I wait for people to find me. I'll have to try it. I think you can find me under my full name- Kerri Burns
    Great pics of Emily...she's such a pretty girl.

  9. hi again, jen ... about your comment re: swans ... there was just the one lonely swan all by herself, right by the shoreline ... all of those many white dots out in the harbor were the hundreds of empty moorings awaiting their boats this spring!! it was really cool to see her, but not quite sure where she came from?!

  10. I'm afraid so I stay away too. :)

  11. I too have avoided it because I really don't need any more obsessive/compulsive behaviors...

    I'll probably succumb at some point though...

  12. I have avoided it because I already spend way too much time blogging!


  13. Oh yah, Pinterest can get you! Now, I just pin the great things I see on blogs for others to share or things I really want to remember. ~ Maureen

  14. I did it for a while, but deleted my account. It's so much fun. So many wonderful ideas and pretty pictures and inspiration. I had no control. I spent hours on it. The only way for me to gain control was to delete my account, unfortunately. :)

  15. I am still shy away from it as I have no time to dwell on another site!

  16. I think Keeping my distance from this is the best idea...

    The last thing I need is what little spare time I have to be sucked into this... (((winkwink)))

    Great post for the letter "K"!

    Thanks for linking.