Friday, February 3, 2012


Normally, our boys do not look forward to a weekend of Emily playing in a volleyball tournament. 
For them it consists of a lot of sitting around, eating junk food, playing their video games and sitting some more. This tournament, however, was held in a location that included a resort with an indoor waterpark practically attached to the convention center. What a huge blessing for them and all of the other siblings..older and younger.We are already looking forward to attending next year.
If you are within driving distance of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you should really check this place out. With everything else there is to do in the area (snow skiing, Dollywood, outlet shopping, etc..)  it really would make a great winter vacation spot. 
Happy Friday!
We are off to a not so exciting venue for another weekend of Volleyball!
The boys are happy to be staying home with friends.
Enjoy your weekend!
Linking up here with Insta-Friday! Super fun!
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  1. omg that is AMAZING - all in the same gigantic complex?! pure genius!!

  2. We had a cheer competition there in December, well not at the hotel, but at the convention center. That resort is nice! Have a safe trip this weekend! We are also headed out this weekend for another competition. Good luck!

  3. A win-win for everyone!!!

    Great photos!

  4. seriously what a great place to have a volleyball tournament! good luck this weekend!

  5. We just got a wave rider in a new facility in our city. I guess its only one of a few in Canada. None of us have tried it though. Your son makes it look like its easy. Busy busy, we are off to a soccer tourney this weekend five hours away. We are all going... and no we will not be staying at a resort.... Enjoy your sporting weekend.

  6. Fun! Perfect for the boys who are cooped up in the winter. Very good pictures, did you use your iphone?

    1. No...I wish I had an iphone, but mostly for the camera. I used my husband's iphone and my son's itouch. At least they are willing to share!

  7. So jealous....that looks like it was so much fun!!

  8. We have passes to The Great Wolfe Lodge, and seeing your pictures made me excited to use them... maybe I'll book us a date today?!!

  9. Indoor waterpark?! Awesomeness. Looks like a lot of fun. Visiting from InstaFriday.

  10. What a fun trip! Love it!

  11. How much fun does that indoor waterpark look!? I want to go there!! :D