Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There is an inside joke in our FAMILY!
It has become kind of expected. You see, we have a group of letters in our bonus room. We have had them for years. They were arranged to spell FAMILY. When I placed them there some 8 years ago, I never thought they would spell anything else.
However, for about the last year, the letters have sent another message altogether.

No matter how many times I re-arranged them, they would some how find their way back to the more hilarious arrangement. Finally, I gave in.  Now, I notice that every once in a while, someone will actually arrange them to spell FAMILY! What do you know?
Maybe I should be the one to change it up this time.


  1. hee hee! I love it. My family would do the same. They just don't get my ideas sometimes and so they just do their own thing. You are pretty fly by the way.

  2. i think this is absolutely hilarious ... glad to see your family has a funny sense of humor :)

  3. I love it Jen! Those little inside jokes are the good stuff that makes families special. Your kids will remember that forever. And, who knew you could spell that out of family!

    PS. thanks for the idea of putting the tripod up high....my husband said that just might work!

  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Simplify to say hello! You have a great blog! I will be back!
    I love that you got your daughter a sewing machine, and I love to see young girls wanting to learn to sew!! Oh how I wish my girls were interested. They are almost 31 and 29. I can still hope.

  5. PS You are Kerri's friend. I remember now! I love Kerri!

  6. This is so cute, I love it. The great thing is that either way works well.

  7. Kerri's right, your kid's will see "family" many years from now, and still think, "I am fly"... too funny!

  8. Love this! YOU are fly, girl!