Friday, January 20, 2012

Where are all the blankets?

There is something magical about a well constructed fort!
It takes creativity and work to construct it just right with tunnels and walls. Using every available blanket and a few sheets as well. Thumb tacks and packing tape hold it together. Showing off the finished project to the wondering parents....who wondered what on the world they were doing so intent and quiet and happy to be getting along.


"How long can we keep it up?" We'll see. And the same crew that created this masterpiece must be present for the demolition....or it will be a while before we see another well constructed fort!

If you can't get outside...enjoy the indoors and have a great weekend!


  1. That looks like fun. We always had blanket/sheet forts when we were little. This brings back a lot of fun memories. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. One of the many fun times of having siblings I'm sure!
    Finally I can comment! I have tried on your last 3 posts and couldn't get the comment thing to open up! I was getting so frustrated!
    I think its sew cool that Emily is enjoying sewing. I bought a brand new sewing machine 4 years ago...and still haven't figured out how to use it. I really need to take a class or find someone that can teach me. That, or I need to sell it!

  3. When I said I was an expert fort builder... I had not seen YOUR fort. I would like to retract my statement and say that we are average, at best!! Your fort rocks!!! (we better try harder!)

  4. Funny, because from your title, I thought, "blankets are for forts." I was right!

  5. Yea the homemade tents are fun, but I'm getting tired of washing those darn sheets over and over again. My kiddos empty out the entire linen closet and I end up having to do the washing after. Not so cool for me.

  6. My kids saw this pic and said, "can we make one?" I guess it has kid approval! ;)