Monday, January 16, 2012

Sew Girl!

Early in December, I found a great deal on a sewing machine on Ebay! I knew it would be a fun surprise gift for Emily. What I didn't realize though, was that she was saving her money and planning to buy one on her own before Christmas.
Of course, I tried to talk her out of it. The sewing machine was already safely hidden in my closet. She figured it out right away. I gave in and gave it to her early, making her promise that she wouldn't be disappointed on Christmas when she had one less present to open. She got busy immediately and has been sewing and making all kinds of fabulous things.
And I knew she wouldn't be disappointed. After all...she got a car, remember?
It is so neat to see her come up with an idea or copy an existing store bought item that she finds around the house. She draws out patterns on the back of wrapping paper, cuts, pins and sews!
She made pillows for the boys out of t-shirts. She made her Dad an apron for his Saturday morning muffin baking. She made me a cover for my E-reader, and in these pics she is working on a new camera strap cover.
I love how intent she accomplished!
She taught Zac to sew over lines on paper. I want her to teach me.
I'm not sure that she is up for that challenge...just threading the needle scares me....and she gets a little short tempered and annoyed with me when I can't do something just right.
I don't know where she gets that...I am not like that at all.
Enjoy your week!
If you have snow...make a snowball for me!


  1. That is impressive Jen. Sewing takes so much patience, something I'm afraid I am in short supply of. This post made me want to pull out my machine though : ) Have a great week!

  2. Hi Jen,

    First of all, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

    It's nice to hear how much your daughter enjoys working with her sewing machine. Way to go!

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    Have a wonderful 2012,
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  3. I envy her!!!
    I bought fabric and reusable diapers when I was pregnant with intentions of making some sassy burp cloths... simple right>?!
    I made one.
    And it was pitiful....

    It is on my *never ending* list of things to accomplish...

    One day!

  4. so impressive! kim (and her oldest daughter too) is also a sewing machine pro ... i'm so envious!! oh the $ i could have saved over the years - if only!!

  5. I love this! It reminds of my mom and me. I am the crafty one and she has no interest or patience. I knit sew and paint. It skipped a generation in my family. I do hope my daughter shares my passion though!

  6. I am loving this. My daughter wants to sew in the worst way. I think she is a tad bit young. I wish I was a better seamstress so I could teach her. I hope to find some sort of class for her in the next year or so, I know she would love it.

  7. I think that the sewing gene must have skipped a generation. . .because my mom and my grandma are awesome seamstresses and me. . .I'm pathetic!

    Maybe Leslie will take it up and teach me a thing or too, but I would anticipate that she would become exasperated with me too!

    I made a snowball for ya!

  8. Very cute. Emily could even make the camera straps as a little side business. They look really cute. I've seen them sell for $80.00.