Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 6th grader is reading a book about what?

Last year, when Emily entered High School, I decided to read whatever books that her English teacher assigned for her to read. Mostly because...if I am going to be able to help her with projects, tests and papers, I will need to have read the material.  Last year, I read To Kill a Mockingbird and Whirligig for Honors English.
This year, I had no intention of reading the book list for 6th grade English, but when I heard about the book my son would be reading, I thought it best to read ahead.
One Friday, Jonathan said "Mom, we need to get The Hunger Games by Monday."  The Hunger Games is a book that I had heard of here and there. Many of the young girls I work with at the hospital have been reading the series with the same enthusiasm as The Twilight Series. I suppose for that reason, I did not expect it to be fit for a 6th grader. That weekend at work, I asked a few girls about the possibility of borrowing a copy of the book, forgetting that most of them read with E-readers. While talking, someone gave me a quick summary of the overall theme of the book.
"So, my 6th grader is going to read about an arena filled with children fighting each other until only one of them is left alive!?"  I said, "Are you sure this appropriate?"
"Oh sure! It's really good!" was the response!
At that point, I knew I had to get right on it. It took a total of about 48 hours for me to finish the book! I read until 1:20 am the first night. The next day, as soon as Jonathan got home from school, I grabbed the book and read more. I had to stop for him to read, but I knew eventually he would go to bed, and I would have the book and the children and the fighting and the killing all to myself. Of course, that night, I read until I finished.

 Jonathan is still reading it and very close to the end. He is not a reader. Even though he only reads the assigned 3 chapters a day, I have not had to nag him once. He finds a quiet place and jumps in. I can see him deep in the pages, in the arena, looking over his shoulder wondering what will happen next. A few days more and we will see if the enthusiasm will carry him into the next book in the series even though it will not be required. Of course, I will need to read it first.
What are your kids reading? Required or for pleasure?
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  1. I picked up the Hunger games reluctantly and I read all three in 4 days and I'm not even a fan of sci-fiction books.
    My philosophy is it doesn't matter what they read as long as they do. I read every book I could get my hands on some where not really age appropriate I realize that now but it made me the avid reader I am today.

    Your blog is always such a pleasure to visit

  2. I am not familiar with the book, but frankly, anything (OK, ALMOST anything) that gets a 6th grade boy inside a book can't be all bad...and that you read the book first...wise, very wise. Love the photos!!

  3. I keep wanting to read The Hunger Games. I might buy them all when they all come in paperback. :) I've heard so many great reviews from so many people about the series. I think it's great that your son is enjoying them too!

  4. Jake read the whole series last year. . .he was in 7th grade. He isn't a reader either and he finished them in a few weeks. . .gotta love it when a book catches their attention!

  5. visiting here via Alphabe and glad to have found your blog.. am following you now...
    The Hunger Games has been on my TBR since I saw it all around - in many lists - and I better get to reading it before my now 3rd grader needs to!!

  6. I just requested this from my library. My cousin (younger than me) told me about it. I hope I can dig in soon. I think it is great that you read their books, more parents should be so involved. Good for you momma.

  7. I miss reading along with my child that she is in university, 90% of her reading is required ...
    do enjoy reading along, as this stage passes too quickly ...
    wonderful "H" post!

  8. My friend just gave me this series this past weekend and I can't wait to start reading it!! I figured it would be one of those books that you can't put down so I am waiting for a night I can stay up late. :)

  9. Really? intriguing! I agree that the premise, as you stated it, sounds awful. Now, it seems, I must read it!
    My kids are grown up and both read often. We are a family of book lovers.

  10. Sounds like an interesting book...

    My oldest grand is going to be in 6th grade soon....

    Hmmm, I wonder if she will have to read this too???

    Thanks for linking to the letter "H"!!!

    Great job!


  11. I have a 6th grader too... she is my oldest.. so I am feeling conservative with her... =) I would flip if her teacher required Hunger Games! tho.. many of her friends have read them.... and loved it... but I am not ready to let her just yet...child rearing brings emotions and doubt more than I thought it would! ha ha ha... I'm still struggling with letting her read the last 3 Harry Potter books! ha ha ha... but... with that said... If it makes a reader out of your son... WOW... that is really great and a blessing in disguise, eh? ;) my daughters language arts teacher is way below their level... which is SAD! but she is in a book club thing called Battle of the Books.. and the required reading is challenging and has me reading right with her =) funny you posted this... b/c I am working on a book post ... if I can get myself back into the grove and blog a few days a week... it will be up soon-ish! ;)