Monday, January 9, 2012

A new car...what?...OMG...I know!

This is the last look back on a wonderful Christmas holiday!
And of course, I had to save the best for last! are15!
Someone announces(in the middle of opening Christmas presents) that there is a big ruckus...perhaps an accident outside in the cul-de-sac....
You run outside along with everyone else and then....
You see it!
We are all laughing and crying and jumping around. The neighbors were outside with the videotape rolling! So much fun!!! 
It is true, what they say about the end of the year being the very best time to buy a car. Offering cash at the incredible rate of 1500.00 off of the asking price...worked~ who knew it would work?
She will be 16 in March and with her job and volleyball practices keeping us constantly playing chauffeur...we needed for her to be ready take over that role.
We are excited that she will have a few months to practice driving it. As she has character~meaning quirks. But she loves it!  
A memory to last a lifetime!
Anyone else get their first car as a Surprise? Mine was 6 months after my 16th birthday...a Nissan Sentra. I had to go with my Dad to make the deal!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Oh wow, how exciting for her! What a beautiful car. How fun! My first car was NOT new, and was a junker, but I was still so excited to have it. :))

  2. Oh my gosh! Every 15 year old's dream come true. What awesome parents you are, and Santa too!!!! My first car was a grandma car that my friends named the "Marge Mobile" I loved it because it worked. It will be so nice for you all to have an extra driver in the house. Although I am so not ready for this stage.

  3. Oh my gosh that is so NEAT!!! So proud for her, and what a great first vehicle!! :)

  4. Oh this is just awesome. I love the look of surprise, shock and elation.
    How is the world do you keep that a secret?
    I would never have been able to enjoy a new car as a gift when I was 16...I would have died of heart failure if my folks would have produced a gift like that.

  5. That is the best. I dropped a hint to Brad that one day I'd like a car for Christmas. Hasn't happened yet. She's so lucky!

  6. Wow Jen, what a moment. I'm afraid Eldest will be handed off the 1996 Suburban when we're done with it. It's almost at 300,00 clicks and still driving well. With all the trucks here. Amazing how they're growing up isn't it?

  7. My first 3 cars were horrible... all 3 came before I graduated HS because they were terrible, and fizzled out rather quickly.

    The last one lasted me through nursing school until I could buy my own.

    But I still remember the feeling I had when the keys were handed to me at the Honda dealership. It had 11 miles on it and I was so proud. I loved that car!

    Congrats to your daughter!

  8. holy smokes, i can't believe she didn't have a heart attack (or did she?!) - what an amazing surprise!!! love the way you set her up to find up - great job!! the car looks so shiny and new ... and she looks absolutely radiant, smiling from ear to ear!! OMG indeed!!

  9. to find IT, not find up ... oops!

  10. lucky is she?! She looks so in the world did you keep it a secret?!

  11. awesome!! such big decisions!! i will be there in a year with my oldest! great job, Jen!! hugs, cathy

  12. A brand new car at 16! That is one lucky girl!!! How exciting!
    Have a pretty day!

  13. Whoa. Santa must have upgraded his sleigh to carry something like that!

    Heheh, seriously, that's a pretty cool gift for a teenager. It seems like a sturdy, reliable car, and it would serve her well once she starts getting used to driving.