Friday, January 6, 2012

Gingerbread house parade...and I didn't even know it was a tradition.

Still looking back...
Just because you have done something for the last several years...does it have to become a tradition?
Apparently so!
One of the fancy resorts nearby has a Gingerbread House Contest every year! The contest runs during the month of December with the winners being chosen sometime before Christmas Eve. The last few Christmas Eve's, after our Christmas Eve church service, we have driven by to see the houses and the winners.  
This year, we had not planned on stopping by.
"But, we have to do that! It's a tradition!" were the words coming out of Jonathan's mouth. Then everyone announced that he was right and we were going. Funny...I did not know it had become a tradition.
Here are some of our favorites!
 Panther Stadium
 Sweet and simple!
 Angry Birds!
 The gingerbread house that I would love to visit!
 Santa's after Christmas retreat!
There were so many fabulous Gingerbread houses in the Amateur and Professional Division.
We notice every year that the Amateurs do a much better job!
I guess this has officially become a tradition around these parts. Maybe one day we will try our hand at Gingerbread house making and enter the contest ourselves!
Don't you just love these?


  1. Those are amazing! I'm happy to just get the darn thing glued together.

    BB and her friends are all about traditions too. Our New Year's bash became a "tradition" for our family last year. And now it's a "tradition" to include our good friends too. :) I love that. I loe that when they're older they'll think back fondly on these "traditions."

  2. this is super cool, jen - our small town does an annual gingerbread house contest and they do a big fundraiser where you pay a small fee to get in and see all the top entries ... it is most definitely a tradition for us to go and peek, my girls LOVE seeing the amazing ideas - like you, we also had an angry birds this year ... plus lots of clever entries of local landmarks and newsmakers, etc ... the ones you pictured here are so impressive, they look like the big time!!