Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven...Eleven....Eleven....Part One!

Eleven Random Things!
1.  The only good thing about boys and video games is that it gives them something to do for hours without making a huge mess.
2.  I had my eye brows waxed this week...for the first time ever in my whole life! No one has noticed. Maybe that means they weren't so bad to begin with.
3.  I have been drinking lots of Diet Pepsi this week...after almost 4 months without soda! hmmmmm?
4.  My kids are not allowed to bring food into the Bonus room...yet there are goldfish crumbs around the computer keyboard. hmmmmm...again.
5.  I am over a week late posting my Halloween pictures. I'm still waiting for a copy of a pic that my friend took of my son.
6.  Right is 12:12 on 11/11/11. cool, huh? is!   I'm wishing I had thought of that at 11:11. Oh well!
7.  Today is Veterans Day! I am missing my favorite veteran, my Dad!
8.  Emily has a beautiful new smile. The "rubber band" reminder notes I posted all over the house seemed to work pretty well.
9.  The next notes to go up all over the house will say...."retainer."
10.  Yesterday I cried when I had to drive my husband's twin brother to the airport. He is moving to Florida. David was out of town and he couldn't take him. Hopefully we will see him again at Christmas.
11. During that drive home, I was listening to a Christian radio station that I don't usually listen to anymore...when this song came on. In my restlessness, it made me feel better!
Happy 11.11.11 and thanks to all of those who serve our country and protect our freedom!


  1. I'm going to have to put notes that say contacts all over our house so drew will wear them!

    Great idea for today!

  2. i'm really sorry to hear that your hubby's twin is moving away ... being separated from family is tough, i know first hand :( psyched for emily and the braces coming off - yay! and ps, i also failed to recognize h'ween with a picture post ... sigh ...

  3. I can't believe you just had your eye brows done for the first time ever! It's funny, everytime I get mine done I think the same my next life I'm definitely want to me a man! :)

  4. I'm amazed you never had your brows waxed before. I swear some people just have gorgeous brows naturally. So jealous. I totally notice a difference after I get it done, but nobody ever says anything either. hmmm...

    And I'm right there with you on the diet soda binging. I quit for about 6 months a while back, but am now probably worse than ever. so sad.

    Oh, and I haven't started Captivating. How cool your hubby knows the author. I couldn't tell...have you read it?