Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For your little typist to be....and me!

I took typing class in the eighth grade.
We learned on typewriters...manual ones with return bars...and erasers for mistakes.
There were electric typewriters in the room, but we were not allowed to use them.
I never learned to type without looking at my hands.
I am a terrible typist. 

Zac came home from the third grade the other day ready to practice his typing.
In computer class, his teacher showed them the cutest website.
It is called Dance Mat Typing!
He really enjoys it...and he is learning a valuable skill in the meantime.
I think it could be helpful for me too.

Go here to give it a try for yourself...or your little typist to be.
Let me know what you think!


  1. What a cute site...thanks for sharing! I will be showing my son this site! I didn't have typing until high school. It was the only D I ever got on my grade card for 12 years! I hope I've since improved some!

  2. Jen I cannot thank you enough. It has been driving me crazy that the girls don't know how to type properly. Hopefully this will help. Yay, you have no idea how happy this makes me!

  3. This is so neat, wish it had been around when Kyle was younger. We had a manual typewriter in 9th grade typing class, and the teacher covered the keys with black paint so we wouldn't look down at our fingers while we typed...

  4. Thanks for the tip. I know my daughter will love it. We learned on real typewriters in school too, and no one would dare to get near our teacher's electric one. Holy cow, we'd be in trou-ble! I am a pretty good typer, just not good at editing, I tend to hit "enter" or "send" before checking my work! Oops.

  5. Oh I think we could all benefit by this a little. I'm sure I type incorrectly, I'm self-taught.

  6. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for stopping by (my blog). I love that you are married to your high school sweetheart.

  7. I laugh because your typing class from back when sounds just like mine. :)

    What a great website!

  8. Awesome! When I taught 5/6th grade we always started computer lab w/some typing skill lessons like this. But the ballerinas have never had any formal typing training in school. That has always blown my mind. The BB played around on a site for a while, but this looks way cuter. I might even have the LB give it a whirl. Thanks!