Friday, September 30, 2011

No more eXcuses...

Someone is going to get her braces off in just 5 weeks.....
if she wears her rubber bands!
I remember wearing braces and refusing forgetting to wear my rubber bands too!
I have decided to be as helpful as I can be...without being a nag!
 In front of the cereal bowls.
 The door to the ice cream!
 Over the toilet.
 The door heading out!
 The styling center!
Above her pillow!
Hopefully this will eliminate the "I just can't remember to put them in" excuse!
So what do you think of my silent nagging?
I am hopeful 'cause so far it is working!

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Jenny Matlock 


  1. HIGHsterical! This is totally like something would do. :)

  2. Oh this looks familiar...I do this with spelling words! We were just referred yesterday to an orthodontist b/c of Brady's upper jaw alignment or whatever. Ughh! Not looking forward to that appointment!

  3. OH! Yes!! I remember the rubber band stage with our oldest son! good luck These little reminders should help!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. That reminds me of the yogurt commercial where they put the notes all over to remind the dad to put the gogurt in the lunch box. How funny

  5. love these gentle 'nags' for emily - i'm totally gonna do the same, my poor oldest would forget her head if it wasn't screwed on ;-)

  6. If she doesn't remember, you wasn't because you didn't try hard enough. Love it.

  7. So cute. What a good momma you are.

  8. Love these little reminders...I need to use that idea around here.

  9. I think I will have to start posting a few notes like that around my house!!

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  11. Looks good to me. I say when you're paying thousands of dollars for something, you want to make sure it will last, nice teeth are no exception.

  12. I think thats the nicest nagging ever and I'm thinking that needs to be my approach to things! Hope it worked!


  13. I need to take one or two of those, if you don't mind!

  14. Ha! I think she'll remember just fine. Cute.

  15. Omgosh, you are too funny. I think she should remember.

  16. I might just have to do this! My daughter is getting hers on in a few hours! Oh the joy!!!

  17. I love it! there's nothing like a gentle, loving, reminder. I hope she remembers, and is brace free soon.