Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who is that there behind the....

Tuba! The giant Tuba!
Can you believe that my little guy is playing that giant instrument. Makes me laugh...especially when I picture him and 2 of his friends carrying it on and off the bus! At least his dad took him to school on Monday and drove him right up to the band room door.
When he practices at home, the noise is... well interesting. It is a combination of deep horns....and whining and howling. Our dog just doesn't know what to do. It is sad really. I know he will get much much better. We will get another chance to hear how he has improved starting tomorrow afternoon.
At least he seems to be enjoying it!
Happy Thursday!

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Jenny Matlock 


  1. Oh so cute! when i started playing my cello way back when, my mom said it was bigger than me. One of my high school boyfriends played tuba, he was a sweet heart. I was also on the dance team and flags at UK and those tuba guys were a total crackup, the wildest guys in band by far. Oh, I am remembering a lot of tuba stuff now... glad he is liking it. I am laughing about your dog!

  2. This is cracking me up but they have to start somewhere! So cute :)

  3. This is exactly how I felt about Heidi when she started the cello. And now--Love it. Hang in there. I just can't believe he carries that thing around!

  4. He's going to have some nice arm muscles lugging that thing around! ;)

  5. Looks like he enjoys it! When they're just starting out, the tuba is as big as they are!

  6. that's great that he .... picked up an instrument at school. Music is universal, and such a great experience. And he's going to get muscles! Just think if he goes out for marching band! Too bad about the pup... {:-Deb

  7. WOW! Just look at those CHEEKS!! That tuba is a mighty ambitious instrument, isn't it!!

  8. love the visual of him carrying that huge thing back and forth to school ... he sure looks like he's trying hard as he practices - hang in there, mom!!

  9. I loved this. Our youngest Grand really, really wants to play the tuba.

    She is small for her age and I can just visualize her tipping over with it!

    I'm going to send her Mom a link to this post...although it might fuel her tuba obsession a bit too much - ha!

    Thanks for a wonderful link this week.

    This was really fun!


  10. That is all kinds of awesome! I don't think I've ever known anyone who actually played the tuba. What a cool instrument. Hope he loves it! If not, I bet he'll get some strong arms lugging it around. :)

    I thought of you today. I passed our special meeting spot "The King of Tires" while dropping BSD off at the airport. Couldn't help but smile. :)

  11. Ha! You are one brave mama. I played the tenor sax for a while in high school and my mom made me practice outside!

  12. This makes me smile! My husband played the tuba in high school. Fun!