Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Sports...and a silly mascot!

We are fully into the routine around here! (if we can squeeze it in) and fall sports!
Jonathan is playing flag football this year and loving every minute of it. His team is very good and several of his bestest friends are on his team. He is a very fast runner and his favorite thing to do is run the ball. It is so much fun to watch!
Emily is busy with volleyball, of course. She is the starting libero on the Varsity team. She is amazing and so much fun to watch too!
And then there is Zac. Remember, his big sport is in the summer...swim team. So for now, he is enjoying playing and goofing around on the sidelines of the football field....and dressing up as the school mascot....when the big wigs aren't looking!
Crazy fun....crazy running everywhere....crazy after school days...loving the fall routine!
Hope you are loving being back in a routine too!


  1. Fun pics and sporty kids!!! Gotta love it. We've settled into our new routine too... early to bed and early to rise.

  2. cute post, jen - love the giant bulldog head at the end! and i just gotta say ... emily's long think blonde ponytail?! her hair is to die for, holy moly!!

  3. YAY for Fall sports...and Fall weather :)

    Love the pictures of the kids!

  4. Fall routines are good!!
    Now if the fall weather would just get here to stay we would be set.
    have a happy day jen

  5. Even though we are not really into a fall routine quite yet, I remember those fun days when I was in school. Great photos. LOVE the mascot shot! :))

  6. Wow, you ARE busy! Busy in a good way though. I hear ya about dinner, it is tough to squeeze it in. That mascot head is hilarious. I love those things.

  7. Fall routine = I am exhausted! :)

  8. Jen, I miss the fall sports days! Our youngest graduated last year so no more fall sports for us. It's a BUSY time , but it goes by fast!
    I am with Sloan - I am jealous of her gorgeous hair!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. I always loved flag football. I bet I could get our neighbors to play sometime. Right now we're all into ping pong. One of my other favorite sports. ;)

    Emily is AMAZING! I foresee a major college scholarship coming her way.

    And, I can't tell if you're kidding or not. Is Zac really a mascot? That is a really cool one if he is!