Monday, August 8, 2011

What's for dinner...Trader Joe's!

Mini Ravioli with cheese filling!
Have you tried it?
I made it with marinara sauce and pepperoni. It was pretty good. Emily said it would be better with Alfredo sauce, so maybe next time I'll try it that way!
It was way more than enough for our family of 5....surely we could make 2 meals off 1 bag!

What else are you loving from Trader Joe's?
I've seen several recommendations for the Orange Chicken. It's on my list!
I'll be going again next week!
Happy Monday!


  1. Oooo I'm going to check those out.

  2. A better question is what do I NOT love at Trader Joe's, because I love that entire store! Starting with the JoJo's.

  3. I haven't tried this but I will say the orange chicken is really yummy!

  4. Yumm ... this sounds easy, quick and delish! My kind of meal :)

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  5. the orange chicken is a YES ... we also love (from frozen) the coconut shrimp - I usually serve it with their 'Israeli' couscous (giant couscous - purple box, pasta section) ... YUM!

  6. I love ravioli, but nobody else in my family does. :( Maybe if they're mini like that they might pass.