Thursday, August 11, 2011

Travel games...quick quizzes!

Lately, we have been doing a lot of traveling. Short little trips here and there. We have been driving our smaller vehicle to save on gas....this vehicle is great on gas mileage, but it is lacking the built in DVD player that is in our gas guzzler.
So to pass the time...we are playing lots of games. Kind of reminds me of the old days when I was a kid in the car on a road trip!
This summer we have used our Brain Quest cards to play a trivia game. We divide the car up in teams. It is fun to play kids against parents. Believe me...some of the 3rd grade questions are much easier for the kids. I can never remember how many pints are in a gallon....they know it right away! Hmmmm?
We use the 1st and 2nd grade editions too. Those are my favorite!
If you have an old set, just toss it in your car. Next time you're on a trip....have a little trivia contest!
It is a fun way to pass the time.
After that you can play "Suburban Slap and Tahoe Tap".....have you heard of that?
Happy travels!

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  1. great q idea. . .

    will have to stash our brain quest cards in the car for our next trip! Great idea!

    How do you keep the kids from "touching" each other in the smaller car?

  2. We have those in Germany too, they are expensive but good!

  3. I think we have every age group in the brain quest cards!! So fun traveling!! Hope you're enjoying summer! :)

  4. Hahaha! Suburban slap and Tahoe tap! Sounds interesting!

  5. Our favorite travel game was state capitals. Oh, and the license plate game!! What fun!!

  6. wow, suburban tap and tahoe slap sounds like something my grandson would like to play.

    I might have to mention that to them next time THEY go out of town.

  7. i'm afraid suburban slap and tahoe tap would turn violent for us (I assume it works like "punch buggy"? we had to ban the one for unnecessary roughness - ha! :-)

    Our 3 main car games (and our big road trip is coming up next week!) are "yellow car" (every time you see a taxi-yellow colored car you shout it out and earn a point) and 2 license plate games: one where you add the numbers in the plate and shout out the grand total - the other is your basic checklist to hunt down all 50 states ...

  8. Playing Brain Quest is always fun... especially when my 3rd graders are now in college! Lots of fun!

  9. I JUST dug these out for my kindergartener, I told him that we would do a few a day (as I am feeding the baby) and it would make him the smartest kid in his class. He is all for that, a little competitive he is.

  10. We used to play spotter games. Everyone would begin with a list of stuff to spot. First to spot something (and show a witness) gets to mark it off their list.

  11. We love the brain quest games! Although, with two boys, they like the Suburban, Tahoe, and old standby "punchbuggy" games even better. ;)

  12. My Grands love the car game, "Would you Rather", too! They actually want to play it all the time. It might be a fun thing to add to your game box!

    Thanks for sharing this. It gave me a lot of happy memories of vacation travels with my kids when they were young!


  13. Great idea! Love the kids vs. parents part. I think the ballerinas could whip our butts too. :)