Thursday, August 4, 2011

Practice makes perfect...well better anyway!

Jonathan has been watching the X Games!
He's been getting some big ideas and inspiration!
It's so much fun to see the determination and eagerness to learn a new trick!
Progress....and with the right will only get better!
Even the X gamers had to start somewhere.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good for him! I never could get the hang of a skateboard. But then, again, I was so uncoordinated I'm surprised I learned to ride a bike! :-P

  2. Good for him. . .it seems to me the art of persistance is not something can be taught. They either have or they don't or they develop it when something means a lot to them!

    Equipment makes all the difference, right??

  3. That's so cool. I admire kids who can do that. Sense of balance not so good. :)

  4. I was wondering how he managed all that with Crocs on. I agree that the right shoes will boost his performance a bit!


  5. I love the action you caught in your photos. He looks like he really loves this!

  6. Cool action shots! Skateboarding is one of those things my kids never showed an interest in until my youngest daughter moved out, then she told me she bought a board. As accident prone as she is all I could do was roll my eyes up into my head. Crazy girl! I wish your son the best of luck and pray for as few mishaps as possible.

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  7. Great shots of a very talented Jonathan! No scabby knees and elbows. Amazing!

    Sorry that your hydrangeas didn't bloom this summer. Maybe next year.

  8. how true that is, whether it be music, art, or sports. Hope he doesn't scrape his knees to badly {:-D

  9. Oh he and Kyle would have such fun together with their skateboards!! Love these pictures, they are awesome!

  10. It makes you want to be young all over again, doesn't it. We never had fun like that when I was a kid. We had roller skates with wheels that wouldn't go round properly!! *sigh*

    I popped over from Jenny's blog :-)

  11. handsome boy with winsome sports.
    well done,

  12. Hello.
    Great action shots and just look at that face!

    Thanks for sharing.

    I'm here:
    Pages Of Love

  13. He is so cute. I love the determined look on his face.

    This post just warmed my heart! I love the way children dream with their whole heart!

    Thank you for linking.


  14. What? Crocs aren't skater shoes?!? He's such a cutie!