Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Days!

Back to school! What a wonderful time of year! Don't get me wrong! I absolutely love summer, especially now that my kids are older and have more independence, but by the end of it, we are all ready for our regular routine!

Emily is heading into 10th grade! She has several honors classes, Spanish 3 and AP Psychology. I am a great helper with memorization, but I'll be looking for a tutor for Geometry after Christmas break!
Jonathan is heading into Middle school! He gets his locker assignment tomorrow! His favorite teacher is a "Mr" and he will be playing the Tuba in band!
Zac is not so sure about what to expect in third grade! He says he isn't ready...but he likes his teachers. He changes classes for Math and Science! He has already made a few new friends.

For the next 3 years, we will have kids in three different schools. This will be the case until Emily graduates from High School, Jonathan from Middle school and Zac from Elementary school!
The first few days of school, I was busy finishing up school shopping, working and cleaning the house to prepare for a birthday party! Today, I am meeting some friends for lunch!
Ahhhhh...routine...and a lunch date!
Good times!


  1. Yay for lunch with a friend! Enjoy!

    Three kids in three different schools...you are definitely going to need one of those BIG calendars! I have a hard time with letting one child's paperwork that comes home from school pile up on the kitchen counter...can't imagine 3x that!

    Have a great day!

  2. We are one sleep away from school and no school shopping has happened. Today is a Staples day for sure. I'm definitely not ready. It feels like the summer is only half over. Always a little sad when the house gets so quiet.

  3. hi jen, glad to see you're off and running - where did the summer go?! mine flew by in a whirlwind, so busy that i completely unplugged from blogging ... hope i can get my mojo back next week once the girls go back to school! not sure we're ready for school to start, but one thing's for sure: it's here ;-)

  4. Wow, I am jealous. Lunch, with a grownup? Aren't you the lucky lady?! I love Zac in the picture where he is looking all forlorn on the floor, poor guy. I hope they have a great start. Emily is looking so cute, she needs her own what i wore page!

  5. I would so love a lunch date :)

    Hope the kids have a wonderful school year!

  6. Good luck with the school juggling. This is our first year with different schools since the preschool days. It feels very strange. I need to get used to it!

    Sounds like yours are all going to have a great year!