Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday morning sweetness...come walk with me!

We can ride our bikes if we want to...it's not very far and parking is limited!
It mainly depends on how much we'll be bringing home from the maket!
There is so much to choose from...local vendors come here from lots of nearby towns.
More flowers....and then if we get thirsty, we can grab a soda pop!
And then add some veges and herbs to our loot!
After the market, we can head to the hardware store....in case we need to have an extra key made...or pick up some bug spray...
  Or maybe a sled to have in the winter...when maybe we will use it once!
Or of course, we could buy seeds and grow our own market goodies...
or maybe that owl to keep the woodpeckers away.
Or we could score some.....
They are cute now....but they grow up to be chickens!
Or we might need some meal worms to feed to Jonathan's gecko!
If lizards and chickens aren't your type of pet....you may want to join these folks...and adopt a dog in need of a loving home! I say...just keep walking. Don't look...Oh he is sooooo cute and he is looking at me too. Just keep walking!
A quick stop in the Holiday House souvenir shop to buy a card or a candle or a bird cage.
And then a fancy lunch in this little sidewalk cafe!
I have actually never been inside...but I think I'll take my Mom there tomorrow!
So what do you think?
Saturday sweetness!
It makes me happy to live in a little town....not far outside the city!
Enjoy your day!
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  1. What a beautiful town! That is one cute dog.

  2. I love town tours! And yours is sweet! I just might have taken home a baby chick...and then regretted it. :)

  3. Thanks for the tour! I can't wait till our farmers' markets start up!

  4. I'm so jealous. The farmer's market nearest to us isn't the greatest thing. Maybe it will be when the kids are a bit older. We do have a "Harry's Farmer's Market" but they're owned by Whole Foods now. The only plus side is that if you get there early enough and on the right day, you can see Alton Brown and his crew packing up from filming before they open.

  5. Thanks for that wonderful stroll! Enjoyed it all.

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  6. Looks like a wonderful Saturday and how lucky are you to be so close you can ride your bike there! Makes me want to go to our farmer's market but it's definitely not as picturesque.

  7. oh I wish we were close enough to walk to such a cute town and love, love a good farmers market!

  8. That is a thing of beauty my friend. I love the town and the farmer's market is wonderful. It's wonderful to be able to just take a stroll on your bikes like that.
    I love the baby chicks, my children and I thoughts about trying our hand at hatching chicks or ducks. We would have to have a game plan on where they are going after they get big though because we aren't keeping them here.

  9. What a darling town!! I love your shots!! How fun :) Happy Tuesday!!

  10. Nothing beats a farmer's market. And your town looks like just the kind of place I'd like to visit! So charming.


  11. That looks like a blissful day in my book!

  12. love that farmers market, jen - ours just reopened last weekend on Saturdays - yay!! what a great little downtown you have, such a charming tour you gave us!!

  13. soooo fun! I always wished that we had a "real" farmers market around here. Love the pix!

  14. I would be in heaven in a place like that! Love all of the pictures. What a beautiful town and wonderful farmer's market!

  15. Your town looks so quaint. We have a farmer's market too. Maybe we'll have to go this coming weekend. You've inspired me.

  16. Oh I so wish we had a farmer's market! This one looks wonderful.

  17. ohhh...you live in such a picturesque town. Love the pix!

    I miss having a great Farmer's Market. We have a tiny one but it doesn't inspire me to go. Not enough fresh flowers. We used to have a great one in San Diego. Really miss it.

  18. What a beautiful town!! I absolutely enjoyed your taking us on a Journey through the photos... makes me miss the states. I do hope you took your Mom to that cafe' it looks wonderful.
    Visiting from 52 weeks of Happy!