Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dad is happiest when....

Made especially for David at

Totally fun...I love this stuff!

When does Dad look handsome?
When he is going out to eatthe same, anytime, always.

What is Dad's favorite snack?
Pound cake, Fruity Pebbles, muffins, trail mix or Ice coffee

What is something that Dad loves to do?
Play with us, Play soccer, run, mow the lawn.

What is something that makes Dad happy?
Seeing us, When we have a sleepover, When he is not in a rush, Family nights at On the Border

When does Dad get angry?
When we found out that the Easter Bunny wasn't real, When we don't listen, When the kitchen floor is dirty, When he has to make lunches.

What's Dad's favorite song?
"Forget You", "Yeah 3X", Anything Country, Some guy talking on talk radio

What is something dad says a lot?
"Love You", "Champ", "Right On", If not now...when?

What does Dad cook really well?
Pound Cake, Steak, Pancakes or Oven Pizza, Muffins

Who is Dad's best friend?
Uncle Steven, Uncle Steven, Mom, Me

What is something that you need from Dad right now?
A cell phone (beacause Alexander has one), That he will come home safely from the Volleyball place, A ride to the mall. A date night!

KEY...Jonathan, Zac, Emily, Me
Happy Father's Day!
We love you...and we hope Emily remembered to give you your awesome present!
Love...and hugs...and kisses...and happy wishes!
Your family!
Emily and David are away for the last volleyball tournament of the season! AAU Nationals! Woot! Woot!  
They will be home on Wednesday! We miss them!


  1. Wow!! What a great message to wake up to, especially being out of town! I love you guys so much and am so very happy and blessed to be your Dad! One more thing, on the best friend question, I love Uncle Steven, but Mom wins 1st Place....sorry boys! Go Pulse!! (Em's Vball Team)

  2. What a fun post, Jen. I love the difference in answers and David's comment completes it perfectly.

    Happy Father's Day, David!

  3. Love this Jen- what a sweet message for your husband who is away today.

    On the Border is one of our favorite places to eat too!

  4. This is so sweet!! Hope David has a great Father's Day!!

  5. Love Davids comment!

    What a fun post. . .Love tbe wordle!

    Bet you are glad volleyball is almost over!

  6. Your family rocks. Someday I hope I can meet them all. Go,Pulse! ;)

  7. aw, this is so sweet - my youngest had us playing a similar 'Q/A game' at dinner tonight ... I sure wish we had had these questions to use, the different perspectives in the answers are so great!! Love it!!

  8. Hope all went well at the tourney. I love these posts too. Keep them coming.

  9. What neat subway art to celebrate a wonderful man in your life!