Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom looks pretty when.....

In celebration of Mother's Day, I thought I would ask my children a few random questions about their Mom...that's me!

What is something that I do really well?
Go on the computer. Find things. Blogging and cooking.
When do I look pretty?
pause...don't know! When you try! I do not know!
Why do I get angry?
When I'm acting crazy. When I don't call you! When we fight!
What is something that makes me really happy?
Me! When you get enough sleep! When we don't fight!
What is my favorite snack?
Salad, I don't know. Pop corn! Goobers!
What is something I say a lot?
"Mam? Sir?"  "We'll see!"  "Stop Fighting!"
When do I look silly?
When you are mad. When you dance around! Everyday!
Who is my best friend?
Miss Beth! Miss Beth! Dad!
What do you need most from me right now?
A thousand dollars and some more root beer. A trip to the beach with my friends! An XBOX 360 Kinect.

**Key:   Zac   Jonathan    Emily

Well...that about says it all! Funny stuff. Cute kids! Boring me!
Happy Mother's Day and enjoy the celebration of you!


  1. LOL, this was cute! Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. How cute. Zac's comments cracked me up! Happy Mother's Day! I know yours had to be filled with all kinds of fun stuff!!

  3. It's always neat to see ourselves through kids' eyes. :-)

  4. what a cute idea to interview your kids about you! i love it! hope your day was fab yesterday and that you have a great week! hugs, Cathy

  5. So cute! And Happy Mothers' Day!!

  6. Jen, I loved this! What a great idea! I wish I had thought of it. It is fun to see ourselves through our children's eyes. Oh, and under the question 'What do I say a lot?', I'm sure one of my children would also come up with the answer, 'We'll see'. I say that all. the. time.

  7. Not boring at all. What a great idea. The Goobers surprised me though : )

  8. Emily's comment about you "trying" cracked me up. Ya gotta love those honest daughters!

    I think every mother should get extra sleep and no fighting for mothers day. Then we would all be happy!

  9. omg, jen, this is a GREAT idea to have posted on Mother's Day ... wish I had checked in, I'm curious to know what my ladybugs would say - I'll still ask them and let you know ;-) loved Zac's answer: $1,000 and more root beer! Such a fun survey!!