Thursday, May 5, 2011

Changing Headers!

Since the beginning of my blogging adventure, I have had many different headers. I change them on a whim. Mostly they change with the seasons or holidays, but sometimes they change for no today!

I have often thought that the best part about being a teacher, which I am not, must be the bulletin boards. Before I was a blogger, I was a huge scrapbooker.....stickers, paper, punches, rulers,markers, etc... My headers give me the opportunity to create and color and cut and paste...without the big books (or classroom full of children) of course.

I once wrote a tutorial on how to make a header in Scrapblog. I am not a "How To" writer so I apologize for any confusion. Also, since then, the process has changed a bit, but you can still get the idea. Sarah at Clover Lane also has a really great tutorial on how to make a header in Picasa. If you know of any other fun tutorials or websites for creating....please leave me a comment to let me know about it.
I realize blogging is about content....and I certainly don't expect a new header to keep you coming back to read more.  For's a bulletin board that freshens up my pages, it changes with the seasons..or on a whim....and I really do hope that you like them.

Enjoy your day!

Today is alphabe-Thursday! The letter of the day is C!
To read more, head on over to Jenny Matlock's blog!Jenny Matlock


  1. Hi!
    I like them all. A little change is good for everyone. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. You're very good with headers. And I especially like this new one!


  3. I must admit...the headers are my favorite part of blogging! And your What I wore Wednesday is so cute! I was inspired..but a day late!!

  4. How COOL to have such variety in headers!!! More, more, more!

  5. i'm so glad you posted these links b/c ONE OF THESE DAYS I'm determined to learn either scrapblog or picasa and get my act together to make cute fun changeable headers!! They're so much fun - love 'em!!

  6. Thanks for the links. I've been wanting to do a header but too lazy to research how. Now, I have no excuse. I like your headers. They're all fun and light and inviting.

  7. of the things i love most about your blog is that you keep it constantly fresh AND change your header!
    if you look back at them all - they all still feel & look like your blog...there is a link between them all...

    i loved fall 2010 because for some reason all the images gave me an insight into you...

    keep scrapbooking that heading honey- we love it!

    melissa xx

  8. I'd like to get a new header on my blog... get rid of my ready-made rectangle! Thanks! And you can really see the progress over time with yours. Hope you're keeping them all in one folder, somewhere... I like the owl! {:-D

  9. you know I am all about change. . .love mixing it up.

    I've always loved your quote on your header. It seems so appropriate for us mommy bloggers. To write it down means it wont get lost in the very bad memory I have!

  10. Jen, I remember some of these from your blog!

    At the beginning I changed my headers and look all the time and I totally loved it. And then one day I realized my main goal of blogging was the discipline of forcing myself to write every day...both on my blog and additionally.

    And I was spending way to much time playing with my backgrounds. So I had a great design lady come up with my typewriter image but I will admit it, sometimes I really want to shake it up and be seasonal and fun.

    And then I sigh, and tell myself. Write more then.

    It's what I love about blogging. The diversity and interesting things I see and learn!

    Thanks for your link this week. It made me think AND I was impressed with your design skills!