Monday, May 9, 2011

From now on, Mondays are for....

A meme dedicated to preserving the past!

We all love stories. 
Telling and re-telling stories allow us to re-live those moments again in a fresh new way!
My children love for me to tell them stories about things they did when they were younger......even more than that, they love to hear stories about
the things I did when I was younger.

I have started this little meme to help us all remember, share and preserve our pasts!
I would love for you to join me each week for a stroll down Memory Lane.

This is how it will work!
I will post 3 questions to be due the following Monday (or any day after).
You will decide how you would like to participate from there.
You may simply answer the 3 questions....or even answer just 1.
Or you can take 1 question and expand on it with photos, details, etc.

Then, if you would up to share your memories with the rest of us!
I would love it if you would add the Memory Lane button to your post too.
{I hope to have it ready by will find it on my sidebar!}
And of course, take a few minutes to visit a few other blogs
and  leave a comment to let them know you stopped by!

Here are the questions for next Monday, May 16, 2011.
1. What do you remember about your very first best friend?
2. What did your childhood bedroom look like, smell like, feel like, or sound like?
3. Do you remember being allowed to do something as a child or teenager...that you would not think of letting your own child do today?

Will you plan on joining me?
Thanks for strolling along!
Happy remembering!


  1. What a great idea - I'm in! :)

  2. This is such a great idea Jen!

  3. kids hate it when I tell stories about my childhood. Yours are well trained! Sounds fun though...I will be thinking!

  4. How fun! I will try to participate here and know writing doesn't come easily for me...and having an assignment takes me right back to those dreaded high school english days! I think I will have one for Monday though! LOVE your little if you can tell me how to get them on my sidebar!!

  5. so so so fun - i'm totally gonna join the party - yay!