Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on 10!

Fruity Pebbles...breakfast of champion sugar addicts! It's trash day! Taking pics for What I Wore Wednesday! Driving in the city! A snack and a big honking Motrin! Aldi for essentials! Car line 15 minutes early! Chic~Fila Southwest Salad! New Zigs with cool laces! Phineus and Ferb on the Disney Channel!

That's my 10 on 10!
Hope you had a much more happening day!
And....If you haven't heard what Mondays will be like on my blog...check it out here!
I hope you will come along!


  1. Drew has those same zigs that he just got. . .panther colors!

    Love the pick up line shot. . .the way of all us mothers!

  2. Great 10 on 10. I did not know that Chick Fil A had a southwest chicken salad...now I do :)

    Cool shoes, you'll have to let us know how you like them!

  3. Love the cool new shoes, and now I want one of those salads. :)

  4. looks just like one of my days ;-)
    the city pic looks familiar, a lot of my favorite people are in NC, so I'm straining my eyes to try to recognize it? makes me miss it there ...

  5. Yeah! You played too! I like how you set it up into a little collage like the button. Ok...cool shoes, but what are "zigs." Am I living under a rock?

  6. Hi! The cool shoes are Jonathan's, although I would love some too. He bought them with his birthday money. Funny, huh? I had never heard of them either!

  7. At least you left the house! Love seeing what people are doing/wearing! thanks for sharing Jen!