Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale what?

I bet most of you said weddingWrong answer!
For our was the Fairy Tale NFL Draft!!!!!!

While most of the world was anticipating the Royal Wedding...
we were anticipating something else....
CAM coming to Carolina!!!!

We had several places to be last night, but we made sure we were here in front of the TV at 8 pm.
I almost forgot to take photos. I grabbed my camera at the last minute, not noticing that Jonathan was wearing boxer shorts for PJ's. The dancing and cheering and celebrating photos will not be posted but let me assure you...there were many. We immediately called Emily to include her in the celebration. Being the athlete that she is, she said, "Poor Cam." meaning that the poor guy was going to have to come and play for a terrible team. Can you believe her? 

We are super excited. We will have jerseys soon and hopefully some tickets!
Go Panthers...and welcome home Cam!
Happy weekend!


  1. I don't know who Cam is, but I'm excited for you anyway!!

  2. You know my drew is a huge panther fan right? He was doing his happy dance in a big way last night!!

    And begging to be allowed to order a jersey!

  3. ballerinas weren't even interested in the big wedding. Maybe I should have had them watch the draft instead. ;)

  4. Can't exactly say I was as glued to the draft as I was to the wedding, but i'm very psyched you guys got Cam - congrats!
    And btw, I love those bottles for vases - totally retrieving my izze bottle from the recycling bin after I post this ;-)