Thursday, April 28, 2011

B is for bunches and bottles of flowers!

This is the time of year when blooms are popping out many that you must cut a few and bring them inside! And so many that you must cut a few to share with friends!
It is for this reason, that I save bottles of all shapes and sizes. Frappuccino bottles, salad dressing bottles, and coca-cola bottles.  I collect them in a kitchen cabinet and when the time is right...and I am ready, I pull a few out and fill them with these!
Everyone loves to get flowers, and when they are in a fun bottle like this, they dont feel like they have to return the vase. And they really do look cute!

The other day I found the most fabulous label downloads at Just Something I Made. Wouldn't it be fun to add your own special labels to the salad dressing bottles! You really must check it out here!

Enjoy the day!

Today is alphabe-Thursday!
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  1. I do the same thing!!! I usually start houseplants in them too....but I just cut some lilacs from the tree and put them in a Starbuck's bottle! They are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea, and your roses are lovely!

  3. I prefer using something simple, too. This is such a good idea. I especially like the Starbuck's bottle - great use!

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  4. These are great!!! I also like to use mini pellegrino bottles. Your arrangements are all beautiful!

  5. Great idea! I'm poaching it. Those labels are awesome. I think The Girl would love to stick these to things and color on them if I print them on label paper. Excellent!

  6. Haven't thought of doing this since I was in college, and you know what? It's still cute!


  7. Just lovely. We've had so much rain I don't think we'll ever get any flowers.

  8. Awesome idea! My flowers all get eaten by the deer and elk, but if any survive, I'm going to put them in a Starbucks bottle!

  9. Cute bottles...I like the coke one! Your flowers are beautiful.

  10. That is fun and a great way to deliver flowers for sure. I'm always wondering if I'm suppose to return the vase :0)

  11. Lovely idea :)

    I've never seen a frappuccino bottle before. I don't think you can buy it like that over here. It's certainly an original way of giving flowers without having to worry about the vase.

  12. You're right, any container is just right - whn it is filled with lovely blooms!

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  13. what a great idea! And mother's day is right around the corner! Thanks {:-Deb

  14. Lovin' this cute idea!!

  15. Gorgeous. I also save tin cans. Some of the labels are really happy and cute and then I leave them on. If hey're kind of boring, I soak the label off, tie raffia around them and fill with flowers, too. Love the coke bottles, though. I'm going to remember that idea!

    Thanks for the sweet stop today.


  16. Where is the like button!! =)

    I have been very mia... =)
    took an extended bloggy break! he he

  17. bottles of smiles here,
    love those pretty flowers.

  18. I LOVE this idea so much! Your flowers look beautiful too. I tend to save bottles a lot, just because I love the way they look. I am going to use your idea! :)