Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!
12 Years Old!
I love that you love to stay home.....
and that you chose Chinese take-out at home over a restaurant for your birthday dinner.
I love that you wanted to eat it in the dining room because it is "fancy."

I love that you like for each gift to be wrapped individually... so that you will have more to open.

I love that you didn't even notice that I didn't have 12 candles.... 1 big one would have to do.

I love that you don't mind waiting until next weekend to have your real birthday party...
so that more of your friends can come.

I love the way your new glasses look....and I love that you really like them too.

Mostly...I love you!
Happy 12th Birthday!


  1. I love 12!! And I love that you didn't have candles either! Why is it I always forget the candles and end up plunking one giant one in the middle of the cake! May 1st is a great birthday!! Looks like it was fun!!

  2. Awww, Happy Birthday to Jonathan!! Chinese take-out and lots of presents to open sounds like an awesome way to celebrate it!!

  3. I agree, 12 is a great age! Happy birthday to your little man!

  4. So sweet...Happy Birthday Jonathon!

  5. love the gigantic candle!! didn't realize he was that close in age to my big ladybug, she's 12 too - so they're both 6th graders? they'd get along great - she'd also want chinese take out in the "fancy" dining room ;-)
    Happy Birthday to him!!

  6. Oh jen what a sweet post for a sweet boy!

    12 seems so old doesnt it?

  7. Happy Birthday to your little man. My son turned 12 last week. It's such a fun age.

  8. *sigh* so sweet!! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!
    er... um... young man!! =) my little man is turning 9 soon... and I am just a wreck... ha ha...

  9. What a sweet post, he sounds like an awesome young man! Happy Birthday!!

  10. Lovely! What a sweet young man - a treasure!

  11. Love this post.

    My mom always stuck a big honkin' candle in our birthday cakes. LOVE.